January 23, 2006

Crisp Deal Not Official; Rumors Get Worse

I was about to add a sentence to the top of the last post, noting that the Crisp deal has not been officially confirmed, when I read on SoSH that Gordon Edes of the Globe has floated these names:

Are the Red Sox this stupid (or desperate)? As the Manny trade possibilities got nuttier and nuttier, it made sense to walk away. But will the Sox "overpay" for Crisp? I'm no fan of Shoppach and seriously question how much playing time he'll ever get in Boston, but Bard is nothing. And Riske doesn't add anything to the pen we don't already have.

I can live with Crisp for Marte and Mota. But please Ben-Jed-Theo, pull the plug on this other nonsense.


Andrew said...

I guess I (very) slightly disagree; my only problem with this deal is in the principle parts, the Marte/Mota for Crisp deal. I understand CF is a big hole, but Marte is too high a cost for Crisp to return adequate value here; adding Mota just makes it worse. The Riske/Bard aspect of it makes it slightly more palatable in my opinion, as I view Riske as an upgrade over Mota, and if Shoppach was as good a chip as we all thought he was, he'd have been gone by now. I'd imagine Bard will get a good shot at the backup C job this year, and I hope he gets it. Overall, it's still a bad trade, but you're right; at least it fills our biggest hole with a young, talented, and improving player, despite the cost.

Soog said...


You only hope that Marte becomes a Coco caliber player. Coco is only 26! He is at a skill position and hits leadoff from both sides of the plate!

Riske is better than Mota and without the injury history.

Shoppach has more value than Bard but neither will play in Boston anyway.

I wouldn't trade Coco for Damon straight up today!

Sean O said...

Coco is neither a skilled center fielder or a leadoff hitter, by every offensive and defensive metric available. His eye sucks, so his .340 OBP at the top of our lineup is going to kill us. And he's a great LF, but would you want Trot in CF? of course not. In 188 games, he's shown he's a bad center fielder, with nowhere near the range required to play center.

So we're giving up a major prospect, whose perceived value alone should be infinitely higher than the overrated Crisp, and a relief pitcher. I wish we were getting Michaels instead, since at least he can be a real leadoff guy.

Crisp is worthless, and I would bet that Michaels outhits him this season. Crisp isn't even the best CF on the Indians.

redsock said...

Well, sure, Sizemore is why Crisp was in left.

In 188 games in center, Crisp's RF is below average (though above average in left).

Like I said, I can live with (but not love) Marte and Mota, but damn, let's leave it at that. No way Cleveland accepts Marte only -- and Boston is under some type of barrel regarding CF.

Also, if all goes as expected, Marte will be out-hitting Coco quite soon. ... But you can't get talent for nothing.

Any thoughts on Youkilis at the top of the order and Crisp at #7 or so to take advantage of his SLG?

Jim M said...

I had the pleasure of watching Crisp on a regular basis here in Buffalo during his AAA days. He played some great CF and it was quite evident that he was going to be a very good if not great major league player. Since breaking in with the tribe in 2002 he has improved with each passing season. It just so happens that right on his heels was another CF prospect by the name of Grady Sizemore. Now this kid IS the real deal. He was amazing down here in Buffalo and at 23 he has the makings to be one of the top CF's in the game for a long time. That doesnt diminish Crisp's value one bit. Trying to put a value on Crisp by saying that hes not even the best CF on the Indians is clouded logic.
The question we must ask is "Was he worth giving up Marte for"??
I guess it will take some time for this one to sort out. I watched Marte here in Buffalo on a couple of homestands.( about 8-10 games) He looks like hes the real deal in the power category but he also looks like one of those guys thats never gonna hit more than .270. And so far his minor league stats back that up. I know the scouting reports peg him as a solid fielder but to me he seemed like a guy with a very very good arm which is a plus at third but he seemed uncomfortable and somewhat slow moving to his left and into the hole. Although as I said I only saw him for like 10 games.
All in all he may have the tools to make the Sox come up with egg on their faces but I also think that Crisp is gonna be a guy that the Sox fans are gonna love in CF for years to come.
I still like the move however because I'll take a very good centerfielder over a great third baseman anyday and I think Crisp has the potential to more than just a very good centerfielder.
Jim M