January 29, 2006

Sox Eyed Crisp For 18 Months

The Red Sox had their eyes on Coco Crisp for the last year and a half.

Both Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer praised Crisp's on- and off-field makeup.

He's moving into his prime. He helps us get a little bit younger, a little bit more athletic. A couple of his strengths really complement our weaknesses as a club, his defense up the middle and his outstanding baserunning. Also he's a guy who has a chance to hit leadoff. He had a .370 on-base last year away from Jacobs Field and he's got a chance to use Fenway to his advantage.
Almost every person we talked to really thought he would thrive in our environment. He's ... got a certain energy and swagger we think will translate very well to Fenway. ... We’re not in the habit of giving up prospects for short-term gain. We traded a couple of really good 21-year-olds but got some established big leaguers who are 25, 26.
It's safe to say we were not going to give up Marte, probably not in any deal with a player who we'd have under our control for only one to two years. To get a player like Coco, with four years, softens the blow of giving up six years of Andy Marte.
I play hard, I'm not afraid to run into walls or to get hurt. I think that's the type of player they love in Boston and I think that's why they loved Johnny Damon. ... I like to pull pranks. ... I love the whole atmosphere out there, it's very intense - I just sit back and relax.
Crisp will most probably bat leadoff, but with his less-than-stellar walk rate and increased slugging, he would probably fit nicely in the 5th or 6th hole. However, that would mean that Youkilis and Loretta would be 1-2 (or 2-1) and, despite the club's willingness to embrace sound, but unconventional, thinking, I don't see Tito going for that.


Jack Marshall said...

Good news-bad news. The Good: If Crisp can have a .370 OBA on the road for a season, then he can have a .370 OBA, period. The Bad: the stat looks like a guy who tries too hard in front of the home fans. That will kill him in Boston.

Zenslinger said...

All this makes me wonder what our payroll is next year. Seems like we have a lot of $2-4 million / year folks. Of the folks we've taken on, only Lowell has a really big salary. Room for a top-tier addition during the year where needed?

Donald said...

zenslinger, that's a nice thought, but don't forget the money they paid out to do the Renteria trade, plus one million in the Coco Crisp deal. With the re-signings, there actually isn't a HUGE amount more salary room.

Donald said...

The Sox had to overpay in this deal, becuase they positioned themselves with very little leverage. They desperately wanted this guy, and Cleveland didn't have to trade him. I wonder if the front office didn't violate that Moneyball rule of not falling in love with a particular player/prospect.

Well, I'm happy to have Crisp in center this year, instead of Adam Stern.