January 20, 2006

Welcome Back, Theo!

Can he play center field?
2½ months later, Epstein rejoining Sox
Unspecfied role for former GM
By Chris Snow, Globe Staff

Two-and-a-half months after Theo Epstein left the Red Sox, certain that his heart and soul were no longer fully invested in the job of general manager, the Sox last night announced that the 32-year-old Brookline native will be returning to the organization as soon as next week. ...

The club, in a release, indicated only that Epstein would be rejoining the Sox in a "full-time baseball operations capacity, details of which will be announced next week." However, expectations within the organization point to Epstein returning as the lead decision-maker within baseball operations, with Hoyer and Cherington working under him.


Jack Marshall said...

Sorry...this is ridiculous.

I have lost a tremendous amount of respect for Epstein, as well as Henry, who appears to be running a popcorn stand. Theo dropped out at the worst possible time and during a critical period for club management.Then he and Henry refused to come to closure and let the team move on. Meanwhile, time was wasted on Manny's Hamlet routine, it's six weeks from spring training and the Sox have no shortstop or centerfielder. No matter how smart Theo is, and Jay Payton, Edgar Renteria, Wade Miller and Mantei prove that he is quite capable of screwing up, he can't reverse the clock.

This merry-go-round is embarrassing, unprofessional, foolish...and the worst part is, the ESPN and WEEI rubes will be hailing this as the Second Coming. Dan Shaughnessy's column in today's globe is 100% correct.

Kyle said...

As far as I'm concerned...Theo never really left. And, nobody is perfect, so they will take chances on players and it won't work out. You do the research, sign the player and hope it works. There just are so many intangibles that can't be predicted.

Let's just remember who he traded and how that worked out?

Plus, word is Theo wanted to "retool" the team with younger and defensive minded players. And, it appears, that is what the Co-GM tandem has done. I don't see why that would change any now.

We have an adequate SS in Alex Cora (or Pedroia later on) and a CF can be found. Everyone needs to relax and look at our pitching staff.

Timmy Mac said...

"Dan Shaughnessy's column in today's globe is 100% correct."

I think that's the first time all those words have been used together in a sentence.

Jack Marshall said...

Well, it's sure the first time I'VE ever used them in a sentence. (Are you REALLY a Sleestack?)

DanM said...

Welcome back Theo! Now, lets find a CF with speed and an OBP over 1.000!

Dr. Shaughnessy is right? Do you mean "correct?" Please, go read the article again and you will see that "Book 'em Dano" slaps everyone associated with the Halloween Fright of 2005 EXCEPT LUCKY! Lucky cannot stand being "out of range". If the press says "Theo this, or Theo that"; Lucky feels left out - so what does he do - he calls Dr. Shaughnessy and another drive-by piece (such as this one) appears in the Glob(e). I beg of you - go out back and get the stake and lets drive it through the heart of the CHM once and for all.

Lets trade two pitchers, one utility player, Lucky and the CHM to Cleveland and get the box of cereal (Coco Crisp) we all need! 29 days and counting