May 19, 2006

G39: Red Sox 5, Phillies 3

I followed along on Gameday and SoSH, but it sounded like Matt Clement pitched better than his line (6.2-5-3-3-5) -- Keith Foulke allowed two inherited runners to score in the seventh. But Mike Timlin and Jonathan Papelbon retired the last six Phillies (2 strikouts and four groundouts) for the win.

Home run offense for the Sox: Mike Lowell's two-run shot in the second (he finished 3-for-3 with a walk), Jason Varitek's solo blast in the fourth and Ortizzle's two-run bomb in the fifth. ... Shock of the night: Alex Gonzalez drawing an intentional walk in the sixth.


[And in Queens, the Yankees took a 4-0 first-inning lead only to have the Big Eunuch surrender a three-run homer in the bottom half. The Yanks scored a run in the third and Johnson (making more friends in Yankeeland!) gave the Mets two back to tie it. He threw 113 pitches in five innings. ... The Mets scored a run off Rivera in the bottom of the ninth (Lo Duca's one-out double, a two-out BBI, then David Wright's single over Damon's head in center) for a 7-6 win. Wheee!]


suzy lux said...

is it me or was there a rousing 'boo' when trot came to the plate.

that is just funny. you don't even hear that when we face the yankees (unless it's johnny damon;))

brian said...

Something to chew on:

Foulke, Timlin, and Papelbon have a combined 1.71 ERA in 63.1 IP. (The WHIP is 0.90) Got to love being able to shorten games.

The Couch Potato said...

Don't think there's a better late inning combo in the AL - possibly in the majors.

Sean O said...

I was there tonight, and god was it fun. Papi's bomb landed in the section below me, and the last time I saw a ball hit that hard was last year at CBP when he launched one in the same location. The man is a freak.

So, so much fun. Clement did damn well.

Jack Marshall said...

Walking a .200 hitter to get to the pitcher...ah, National League baseball! That's the "strategy" that we miss with the DH? Yeccch. No wonder the pitchers walk Barry Bonds all the time even when he's hitting .220.

With Youk on the bench, why would Francona pick Dustin Mohr to pinch-hit leading off in 8th? Maybe it was the Philly influence...that kind of thing would get him fired in Boston, too.

Don't listen to all the junk about the "bad luck" the Yankees are having with their injuries. They've been super-lucky avoiding injuries for years, and compounded the risk this season by sticking with aging players. Old players get hurt and take longer to heal, or they have to play hurt (Damon) and it shows. They wouldn't take the heat from their fans and media to do what the Sox did and shed some years, and they are getting EXACTLY what they deserve. It's called bad management, not bad luck.

Mike Lowell, I notice, is on track to knock in 100 runs. I think it's time I reminded Ken Rosenthal...