May 26, 2006

Wells Returns; Crisp 0-For-5

David Wells makes his return tonight, matched up against fellow lefty Scott Kazmir. Wells will not be on a strict pitch limit.

In an article about the solid performance of the bullpen, Karen Guregian notes: "The Sox now are 25-0 when leading after eight innings, 23-1 when leading after seven, and 21-2 when leading after six."

That sounds good, but is it unusually good? ... A random sampling from around the majors:
          Season  Aft 6  Aft 7  Aft 8
Red Sox 27-18 21-2 23-1 25-0
Yankees 26-19 21-1 21-1 22-1
Blue Jays 25-21 21-1 23-0 22-0
Tigers 33-14 25-1 26-1 30-1
White Sox 31-15 24-4 25-2 26-1
Mets 28-17 19-2 22-2 22-2
Cardinals 30-16 27-1 28-0
Royals 10-34 8-4 9-2
Matt Clement says his right ankle is fine and he should make his start on Monday in Toronto. "As far as mentally, when I came out of the game [Wednesday night], all I was thinking was, 'What the heck is wrong with me?' ... It's frustrating because I feel pretty good."

In an extended spring training game last night, Coco Crisp went 0-for-5; he struck out twice, walked (stole second), lined out to third, popped to short and grounded to short. Crisp did not play in the field.


Jack Marshall said...

Redsock: EXACTLY! So why isn't it obvious to everyone that Papelbon's stuff would help the club more in the rotation than in the 9th?

And isn't the decision to keep him closing an example of EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE logic being used to justify moving Youk down in the line-up when Crisp returns?

Sean O said...

Papelbon has 1 pitch. How many pitchers have had a successful starting career with one pitch?

Papelbon may be a successful starter for a few weeks, but then he gets pounded. Until his slider and splitter are good enough to back up the amazing fastball, he can't be a starter.

suzy lux said...

i'm looking forward to tonights game. how do you think boomer will do?
i'm even looking forward to watching kazmir pitch, even tho he has owned us.

when is his contract with tampa up? ;)