May 30, 2006

G49: Blue Jays 7, Red Sox 6

With Timlin, Foulke and Papelbon unavailable yesterday, Wakefield did his job, throwing eight shutout innings. We'll see if Matt Clement can do likewise, when he faces Roy Halladay at 7 PM.


suzy lux said...

so coco's batting 8th today and boomer's knee was sore after throwing 10 pitches.
if only he could lose some weight, that would help his knee heal. i literally feel bad for his poor ol' joints, having to sustain that massive gut.

suzy lux said...

clement lasts only 4 innings, plus gives up 6 runs.

. . .

oh hell yeah, crisp just homered ;D

The Couch Potato said...

Did you ever stop to think that perhaps Wells was saved from a far more serious injury by the extra padding he has?

Seriously, I doubt very much that his waist size has anything to do with the healing process from a bone bruise. Unless of course, you're a body-conscious anorexic who has osteoporosis as the result of years of self-starvation. Then, you might be in more trouble than someone who's *GASP* fat.

suzy lux said...

extra the knee? what?

taking some weight off his knee couldn't hurt though. he has no cartilage in there and a lighter frame would only help take stress off bone on bone.

ps. aw jeah, tied up at 6! go tek! ;D

Sean O said...

Thanks David!

SoxPower said...

Why go with Riske over Foulke for the 8th?? Heck, I think I would've left MDC in for a few more batters. :(

Kyle said...

Yeah, my choice was to leave MDC in the game but according to all the commentors on other Sox blogs, that was a bad move. Evidently, there are NO good moves to make.

The Couch Potato said...

Main Entry: sar·don·ic
Pronunciation: sär-'dä-nik
Function: adjective
Etymology: French sardonique, from Greek sardonios
: disdainfully or skeptically humorous : derisively mocking synonym see SARCASTIC
synonym: see "extra padding"

DelCarmen was pitching well but maybe Tito wanted to take him out before he ran into difficulty as he has in his past outings. Still don't know why he didn't go with either Foulke or Papelbon, though. Chalk it up to another of his head-scratching moves.

Yaz-Tex said...

If we're going to spit the bit after a heroic comeback from the Clement-infused 0-6 deficit, why let David Riske be the architect of this implosion?

He gets a break on the blown foul ball call on Molina, only to groove another one that he ripped for a double, then on the 0-2 pitch to Hillenbrand he misses Tek's location. Result? GWRBI through the drawn-in infield.

Great appearance by Foulke - one pitch, one out. So why didn't Tito go to him in the first place rather than put the ball (and the game) in Riske's hands?

As for Clement, the guy evokes all of the competitive ferocity of a pinata which, come to think of it, is how opposing teams have been treating him. He sucks, plain and simple, and proves with each successive outing that he's worthless as a #4 (and even #5) starter.

Where do we go from here? As for me, it's to bed. As for Theo and the Trio, there better be some serious midnight oil burning tonight, as it's time to get equally serious about what they are prepared to do (and who they are prepared to promote and/or trade) to shore up this rotation.

suzy lux said...

couch potato: your patronzing internet sarcasm is noted ;//

i understand paps not being put in at that point. you need him for later if we had grabbed the lead in the 9th. but i don't know. even if foulke had come in, i'd still feel the usual nervousness at what may happen.

red sock??

ps. well put Y-T.

brian said...

Well another dandy from Clement.

Once we tied it, you've got to go to Foulke. They were using Ryan so we had to get through the 8th and 9h cleanly and then pounce on their bullpen in the 10th.

Let the countdown begin until Riske and the letters DFA are linked together. Delcarmen and Van Buren should be given the chance to compete for the final bullpen spot.

Must win tomorrow with Beckett going. Wednesday isn't looking good with Sox-killer Lilly going and Alvarez most likely being our starter.

Jack Marshall said...

Jeez...Riske has pitched, what, 3 innings all year, and you've decided he's a bum? He was a whole lot better than Keith Foulke last season; he's a solid relief pitcher, for heaven's sake. It was a good spot to use him. He's the logical guy to step into Timlin's role. It just didn't work out. This time.

The tendency to call everyone a bum who fails in a single game is why the opinions of fans garner so little respect from players and the media. Ditto the tendency to pronounce a player like Van Buren as a saviour after LESS than three innings.

Yaz-Tex said...

I do concur with j-m in the sense that one appearance does not a bum or saviour make.

However, in the first game of a critical 11-game road trip against three of the top teams in the AL, with the team having battled back from a deep hole against a squad that heretofore has owned us, and the Timlin Bridge out for repairs, my thinking is that you give the ball to a guy who has been there before (Foulke) rather than one you hope will be (Riske).

Tito defended himself in today's Globe by citing that the pen was depleted and he was trying to orchestrate a a Riske-Foulke-Papelbon trifecta. Furthermore, he cited Foulke's dismal numbers against Hillenbrand as the reason he went with Riske, and that there's "no way" he lets Foulke pitch to the Sheaster.

Fine. Then why not let Foulke start the 8th, then pull him so Pap can face Hillenbrand and get you 4-7 outs? Rather than go with our best with the game on the line (and put Riske on the tail end of the conga line in the event you need him in extras), Foulke throws one pitch, Pap never gets his ass of the padded bullpen bench, and Riske spits the bit.

Contrasting opinions welcome.

Kyle said...

Adding to Jack's comments...I think this snaff is further emphasized by the fact that we face Ted Lilly today (who has been a perennial ACE against the Sox). Just burns the wound more since we clawed back into this game after being down 6-0.

Just not convinced Risk-e should have pitched in a tie game after not pitching in 6 days. Why not ease him back into? Pitch him in the 9th on Sunday. Games like that, lower pressure.

Positive things: Coco's two hits including a HR and his nice catch. Tek's bigtime, clutch HR and his strong at-bats the whole game.

brian said...

JM: Riske struggled all spring, the end of last season, and hasn't shown much during this season. He even went to the DL with a phantom back injury. My major complaint with him is that he is taking a spot from one of the young guys. Why not give Van Buren or Delcarmen a legit shot to help the team?

suzy lux said...

what about the play youk made on the bunt? i think he had time to throw to third.

i agree that riske wasn't right to put in in that situation tho. even if foulke came in and gave up a homerun right off the doesn't matter. we had just tied the game up and you want a guy who has experience in situations like that (and one who has pitched recently)

i like van buren. i don't think he's a saviour or anything, but he has some fire in him.

SoxPower said...

Van Buren looks like hes VERY uncomfortable on the mound. Literally. Its like his jock-strap doesnt quite fit right or something. Always fidgeting.

Jack Marshall said...

Riske's season stats were excellent last year...citing Spring Training, especially since he was hurt, is unfair. Tito was facing a possible extra-innning game, and if he burned both Foulke and Riske in the 8th he'd be looking at Alex Cora on the mound by the 11th. And Riske's not that old, either. Taveras and Seanez are both older.
I have no special fondness for the guy, but he should be given a chance. The Sox pen will be a lot stronger with six participating members than just three. For that to happen, you have to let them pitch in key situations.

brian said...

I was referring to that 5.70 September ERA and Wedge being very hesitant to use him in key spots during the stretch run. My whole point was would you rather have a season of him or Delcarmen in the bullpen?

Jack Marshall said...

The answer: I don't know, and neither does anyone else. I suspect we'll have both.