May 21, 2006

G41: Philadelphia 10, Red Sox 5

Bah. Work took me away from the second half of the game, which was just as well.

Lenny DiNardo surrendered a walk and five hits to open the third. Abe Alvarez got out of that mess, then pitched the fourth and fifth, but gave up a double, single and three-run home run to start the sixth, giving Philly a 8-3 lead.

When Rudy Seanez was your most effective pitcher, you know it wasn't a good day.

As I mentioned comments during the game, David Wells had a good outing for Pawtucket (5-4-2-1-3, 65 pitches). He says he is ready to go on Friday.

The Phillies series is over, but I did want to mention the Philliesflow blog.

And tonight, let's go, Mets!


brian said...

Lenny D has more trouble making the throw to 1st. Thankfully it didn't come back and cost him.

A sweep and 5-1 road trip would be awesome.

suzy lux said...

ugh. where's boomer.

suzy lux said...

or abe even ;)

redsock said...

well, he didn't surprise me -- though pitching on 13 days rest is not the best circumstances for success.

Wells's rehab start today: 5 innings, 4 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts; 66 pitches (45 strikes).

Looks good to me.

Peter N said...

Good enough for him to start friday...for sure

Yaz-Tex said...

With apologies to Jimi:

And the fans...cried..&%$#@ LENNY!

As a fabulous parting gift, Tito needs to give DiNardo an exit row aisle seat on the Lou Merloni Shuttle. Perhaps he can take the flat-billed platypus, Alvarez, with him, who proved himself a worthy successor to the Rally Kerosene Guy moniker formerly bestowed on Sauerbeck in 2003.

Let's hope Boomer's successful rehab stint of earlier today is a harbinger of better things to come every fifth day.

redsock said...

Seems very likely that Lenny and Abe will go when Wells and Riske return.

suzy lux said...

lol @ 'flat-billed platypus'.

in defense of lenny, i thought he made some good pitches up until the 3rd. although there were obvious pitches he made mistakes on that the philly hitters missed, but still.
he just needs to get that breaking ball down, cause a few of them looked really good i thought.

Jack Marshall said...

Lenny's just not a MLB pitcher, and his deer-in-the-headlights fielding proves it.
I never want to see him again.

suzy lux said...

yeah, me neither ;)

Zeke Hunkaburning said...

I'm not a DiNardo apoligist, but then I'm not an apoligist for all the commenters here in the last few days, except for Yaz-tex, who needs no apoligist.

But Jack, at the current won/lost percentage, we're looking at 98.8 wins for the season, which puts you up by a theoretical 200 points, cum dollars, with a long way to go with questionable pitching, of which I bet on. Hope I'm wrong.

Say Clement reverts to form, a chocker in tight games, of which there will be many, and Beckett, never the ace he has been made out to be, reverts to form, a mere 55% winner, and Schillling continues to give up the long ball because . . . and Wake continues to get no run support . . . well, it ain't far from .610 to .555.

you can count on skill, but you can't count on luck.

L-girl said...

Yeah, it's true. If everything goes wrong and everyone sucks, the Red Sox won't win games.

redsock said...

oh zeke.

you decide to insult beckett ... and all you offer is winning percentage?!?

(i guess 2003 still stings. :>) )