May 31, 2006

Wily Mo Pena Has Wrist Surgery

Statement from Red Sox Medical Director Dr. Thomas Gill:
Wily Mo Pena underwent diagnostic testing and further examination on Tuesday. He has an injury to the hamate bone in his left wrist. The plan is to perform a surgical procedure on Thursday morning to treat the injury.

Wily Mo will immediately begin rehabilitation on the wrist. He will be able to continue his throwing and conditioning programs throughout the entire post-operative period.
No mention of when Pena might return. ... For what it's worth, David Ortiz broke a hamate bone in his right wrist in 1998 and missed two months.

So it looks like The Willie Harris Era will continue (and Trot playing against LHP (.222)). Despite Adam Stern's low numbers in Pawtucket (.231/.301/.331), I'd rather have him on the bench than Wee Willie.

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brian said...

Well Gabe Kapler sounds like he's close to returning. Thta's good news. We need a right hand bat off the bench, as well as a quality 4th OF.

This is a tough break because Wily Mo was really improving and playing well.