November 30, 2006

The State of Boston Sports Radio

At least three SoSHers report hearing WEEI's Glenn Ordway say the following on Thursday afternoon:
If you have all these OBP guys from one to nine in your lineup, who's going to knock these guys in?
Clearly, any actual baseball knowledge is not a requirement for the job, but is the general fan base so ignorant and stupid as to give these guys any ear time? These morons should be collecting cans and panhandling on Landsdowne Street.

They don't understand that when more of your batters reach base, that's a good thing.


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Anonymous said...

Yes that was the comment he made, but I think it was more of a set up line for one of his guest hosts. However, Glenn "Fat B******" Ordway is really getting on my nerves about with his what is their plan, etc. comments.

Woti-woti said...

And heading down the stretch, Candidate 508 leads with 36% of the vote, followed by by 455 with 32%...(whoever the hell they are). Hope you're #508 Redsock, good luck.

L-girl said...

We have reason to believe that JoS is in the lead.

Jack Marshall said...

The sound you just heard was Bill James blowing his head off.

Speaking of plans: I know this opens me up to abuse, but this is where I come for abuse: If the Sox end up with 6 strong starters after signing Dice and trading Manny (if they do), I'd make Papelbon the closer again. I know I was a broken record last season on bringing him into the rotation, but that was when the rotation was two starters short and the team was starting Larry, Moe and Joe DeRita. Unless the Sox brass really think that Pap's arm can't take closing, in which case that's not an option.

I'm stunned that the team is offering arbitration to Trot, and I agree that the move makes Manny's dpearture seem more likely.

Opps...gotta vote now!

Sean O said...

I agree that 90% of the nation wants Paps closing, but I believe they are genuinely worried about his arm out of the pen. There are many things to say about how this team does business, but they do care about stress on young arms.

On old arms, i.e. Schilling's 120+ outing against the tribe last year, I'm less thrilled.

Jack Marshall said...

Well, that's good enough for me. You don't risk an arm like Pap's for anything.

Schilling's 120 was insane...a bad combo of a macho pitcher and careless management afraid of a lousy bullpen. Then again, it wasn't too long ago when nobody bothered to count pitches. Luis Tiant, another macho pitcher who was old at the time, threw 175 pitches in his super-gutsy Game 4 in the '75 World Series, and it barely was mentioned in the papers. Imagine a manager allowing that today!

redsock said...

Theo talked a couple of days ago about their concern of Pap pitching on consecutive days.

There is 0% chance of him closing.

L-girl said...

I'd make Papelbon the closer again.


Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

And did I mention, that would be a great idea?!

L-girl said...

Unless, of course, it would hurt him. Then it can't be done.

But if it weren't for that, it's the thing to do.