November 2, 2006

A Top 10 Prospect List

Top Prospect Alert has put up its list of the Red Sox's Top 10 prospects:
1. Jacoby Ellsbury (23) OF
2. Clay Buchholz (22) P
3. Craig Hansen (23) P
4. Jed Lowrie (22) SS
5. Lars Anderson (17) 1B
6. Michael Bowden (20) P
7. Bryson Cox (22) P
8. Dustin Pedroia (23) 2B
9. George Kottaras (23) C
10. Daniel Bard (21) P
I know most of the names on this list, but don't follow the minors closely enough to offer any informed opinion. I'm not even sure how reliable TPA is. Any comments? (In TPA's Top 100, Ellsbury is #26 and Buchholz is #31.)


Also, reader Tim O. tells me you can hear a podcast interview with Joe Castiglione here.


Red-Sox-Rumors said...

I'm surprised not to see David Murphy or Abe Alvarez on this list. I've never heard of the list's source, either.

Jere said...

I knew it. I got the above comment, and I had a feeling he was makin' the rounds. I gave him the ol' deletey-letey. Seems like a pretty "normal" person, but he could've asked bloggers in personal emails instead of placing his store ad and website up on our sites.

redsock said...



9casey said...

Is that you?

redsock said...

No. First I've heard of it.

redsock said...

After reading a bit of their blog entries, I'd say this is a load of crap. To wit:

The recent collapse of the 2006 Red Sox in an unprecedented rash of injuries and illnesses does have one tiny bright side – it illustrates once again the theory behind our movie: that subtle energy dynamics can influence team performance. ...

I'm thinking that the timing of the Sox' medical epidemic has something to do with the loss of the energy support that had been ever present for the Sox in recent years.

Maybe "load of crap" is too generous.

L-girl said...

Did you see their resumes? Start lighting candles and chanting, that's the way to build a ballclub...

Jack Marshall said...

Just read that Foulke elected to become a free agent and trigger a team buyout rather than excercise his player's option.

Good. But what an idiot.

Has there ever been a player that Sox fans have owed so much to who did less to endear himself to the team's fans? If it hadn't been for the championship, Foulke's signing would have to be called a great year, one wash-out and one year as a so-so middle reliever. But that one great year and even greater October (I think he was probably the true MVP of the Series) meant everything. Bye, Foulkey...I never liked you much, but I'll owe you forever. And thanks.

Woti-woti said...

Foulke's injuries were bad enough, but that stupid interview deal with 'EEI in exchange for the use of a truck really greased the skids. I used to listen on-line to 'EEI in those days (have abandoned them since last Aug. when the Manny-bashing became epidemic) and heard every one of his regular weekly interviews live. His dry sense of humour did not translate well in print and fell completely flat when constantly taken out of context. He did not say he hated baseball, he said he didn't like watching it when he wasn't playing. He threw out the 'wanted to start' line with the causualness of somebody saying they'd 'want to be a porn star'. There were no expectations attached. And the 'Johnny from Burger King' thing was simply frustration from all the shit he was getting from doing the stupid interviews, with which he was getting increasingly uncomfortable.
In the end, I think he was simply driven out of Dodge by Boston's media turning everything he said into the type of distorted, bloated, lieing circus we've just witnessed in the recent election coverage.
Good luck Keith, I'll never forget you stepping up and saving everyone's ass by pitching yours off in that once-in-a-lifetime comeback against the Yanks. Too bad it hurt you physically, as well as subject you to 2 years of mental crap from the dregs of Red Sox media and fanbase.

Zenslinger said...

Sox make top bid for Matsuzaka? ESPN's saying that might be the case. If so, I'd like to say I'm glad. I am glad -- having lived in Japan, I like the Japanese players and enjoy the weirdness of the media attention from there. As for the downside, I don't really get how they come up with the money for something like that. They're giving a range of $38-45m and say it doesn't count toward a luxury tax. The money still has to come from someplace, doesn't it?

They make the point that it would also keep him out of the hands of the Yanks. But, if we get him, you have to imagine that we don't have the juice left for more than one more major signing. Maybe Drew OR Lugo. Then fill in with cost-effective options -- get Alex G. and Loretta back?

I know, a lot of offseason left.