November 10, 2007

Awards Are Coming

Beginning on Monday:
November 12: Rookies of the Year
November 13: AL Cy Young
November 14: Managers of the Year
November 15: NL Cy Young
Then next week:
November 19: AL MVP
November 20: NL MVP


SoSock said...

My guesses -
Rookies - Pedroia & Braun
AL CY - Beckett (should be, anyway, but if voting is indeed over before playoffs, maybe Sabathia)
Mgrs - AL=? Gardenhire, maybe, or even Wedgie, and Hurdle in NL
NL CY - Peavy
MVPs - A-Rod & Holliday

Off topic -
I heard an interesting baseball trivia question on Car Talk this morning - thought I'd pass it on.
Paraphrasing Tommy (without laughing at my own jokes, tho)
On the back of David Halberstam's "Summer Of '49" there is a picture of Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio together, in uniform. They are at a ballpark but the rest of the picture is too bluury to tell where, or to see anyone else. Yet any astute fan of the game can tell immediately they are at an All Star game. How?

My copy of the book is a Harper Perennial Classic softcover edition and the picture is almost entirely covered by a promotional blurb. I know they should be in their own respective uniforms, and doubt that it's something as simple as a visible logo on the cap or elsewhere. I doubt they even used such logos in '49.
I'm guessing that they are either both in Home, or both in Away uniforms. The game was in Brooklyn and the NL was home in '49, but who knows if the picture was actually taken then?
Any other ideas? I'm sure many of you have the book and can simply look. But that's like looking at the answer sheet.

Jere said...

Sosock: As someone who regularly tortures my readers by making them try to figure out the exact date of a photo of a baseball player was taken, with few clues, I am happy to chime in on this one.

I think you're right in that they probably just meant if you see a Sox and Yanks player together on a field, and they both have a home jersey on, or both have an away jersey on, it can pretty much only be an All-Star Game.

Couldn't find the pic online, but I did see one version where the cover photo is backwards, Joe D batting lefty with a backwards "NY" on his chest. The "back cover" photo they show at Amazon is just an author pic.

SoSock said...

Your exercise in frustration sounds fun, where do you do this at?
And I don't really know that both Williams & DiMaggio are in home or away unis. As I said, I can't see the picture. That was just the only thing I could think of that would be a give-away

Jere said...

That's what I'm saying--I think your guess is correct.

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