November 2, 2007

Red Sox Pick Up Options on Wakefield, Tavarez

Smart, low-risk moves: $4 for Tim Wakefield and $3.85 for Sexy Lips.

Wakefield posted a 4.76 ERA (100 ERA+, perfectly league-average) last season. Back and shoulder problems limited him to one start in the post-season. Tavarez's ERA was 5.15 (92 ERA+) in 23 starts and 11 relief appearances.

Boston also acquired outfielder Sean Danielson from the Cardinals (completing the Joel Pineiro trade) and put him on Portland's AA roster.

Catcher Kevin Cash is now a free agent, after turning down an assignment to Pawtucket. Doug Mirabelli filed for free agency on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Love the name of your blog!

SoSock said...

RS - Think the Sox will go after Mirrabelli harder with Cash gone. Or is there some decent prospect catcher I'm haven't heard of that could be trained to catch Wake. Of course, that's a mute point if Wake is relegated to the pen. Tek can catch him short duty. But you STILL have got to have a 2nd catcher. All players need a break now & then, but catchers especially do.

Colin said...

Will Dougie Go Deep with the Sox? Stay tuned!

Some Guy said...

In the 2004 season when Tavarez was with the Cardinals, I thought he was a complete joke. So when he came to Boston, as far as I was concerned he had a lot to prove.

Now, I really like the guy and I'm happy for him that he might have a chance to finish his career in a Boston uniform. I appreciate how he stepped up for the team back in April, took on a starting role and did admirably. Remember back then, we didn't know this was going to be a championship team, and having Tavarez on the back end of the rotation helped the team jump to that early lead. Over and over during the season, he cleaned up when other pitchers broke down.

I wish he had been given Gagne's spot on the WS roster. And I hope he does well with the team next year.

your mileage may vary.