November 6, 2007

Schilling Returning For 2008

Update: Schilling blogs about the done deal.

Update: ESPN/Olney sez $8 base with up to $2 in incentives.


The Red Sox and Curt Schilling are putting the finishing touches on a contract for 2008.

This made too much sense to not happen. Give him $8-10 with a couple of incentives that can boost it up near this past season's $13 and -- done!

Funny stuff going on at SoSH. But first:

Dan Shaughnessy, Globe, Sunday, November 4, 2007:
Meanwhile, there will be battles. Lucchino will want to go to Japan, Epstein won't. There could be a split at the top on Lowell and ... (gulp) A-Rod. One thing we know they agree on is Schilling: thanks for the clutch work, big fella, now don't let the door hit you on the way out. We'll invite you back for Old-Timers' Day.
From SoSH, LahoudOrBillyC:
This will piss off CHB, who has written and said repeatedly that Theo and Lucchino hate Schilling and can't wait until he leaves. If Curt signs, CHB will have to invent some story about Terry or Henry jumping in and making it happen.
But wait, I can't be coming back. CHB, Shaugnostradamus is the IN guy, he knows for a fact that the Sox are saying "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out". He's 100% guaranteed in the know right? He KNOWS they hate me...

Wait, no he doesn't.

Things are winding down, details being taken care of. When something is final I'll blog it to let anyone that cares know.
But, but, but ... he wrote letters to his teammates! Letters!


38 pitches: "It's looking good."


Joe Grav said...


Joe Grav said...

Beckett, Schill, DiceK, Lester, Buchholz (?) with Wake being the long guy?

Zenslinger said...

They shouldn't expect wonders from him, but he provides pitching depth at a reasonable price -- I mean, good for Gil Meche for having a good year, but it's only Meche money he's getting. And he's money in the postseason, where we very much hope (I won't say "expect", too Yankesque) to be.

So what if he spends a quarter to a third of the season on the DL because he's old? We can afford to put him there as a precaution like they did this year. We can afford that monetarily and in terms of our starting pitching.

Refer to him as a #3 or a #4 or whatever number you want. He's worth it. And CHB can eat shit.

If he won 10 with a 4.25, no problem. If he won 12 games with a 4 ERA, it'd be well worth it. And...he always might do more.

s1c said...

Remember a couple a days ago I mentioned I was watching the globe 10.0 and said almost the same things about CHB. You could feel the bile coming from him. Needless to say it is not just CHB though, look at almost all of the other Globe reporters (ryan, Carfardo etc) and you get the sense they can't stand the guy. I am surprised though that it is so incentive laden (I've heard 8 with 5). Would be interesting to see the incentives.

Jan said...

Glad to hear Schilling will most likely be finishing his career in Boston, if nothing else then for sentimental reasons. Plus I really think he's going to have a good final another Maddux. -Jan

Patrick said...

I think Terry would put Shill in at #2 to start, but I wonder where he'll belong? He showed up to spring training last year out of shape, and over weight. I'm hoping with this being his 'final' season, that he gives it his all, (off season and otherwise)

But I also have a gut feeling that Jon Lester may have a break out season.

redsock said...

Yeah, that SoSH thread links to a video wherein CHB calls him "an all-time fraud".

Another poster points out that since his leak that caused Theo to leave his job for awhile, all of his Red Sox connections have dried up. His columns for the past few seasons have been nothing more than boring rehashes of all the things we see/hear/read elsewhere -- along with his own hatred of the Red Sox and their winning ways and shit-stirring with select players.

With that type of weak ammo, he has sunk to the level of one of the stereotyped basement-dwelling, ranting bloggers he loves to make fun of.

nick said...

Alright! I fixed my laptop. I'm reading to liveblog the games now.

Oh wait...

Fuckit, they won! CHB can bite my broken inverter board.

chief said...

Maybe the Globe can trade CHB to the NY Post for a copy editor and financial considerations.

Colin said...

Big Schil back for '08 and Pettitte possibly retiring/leaving the MFY?

I seriously think 2007 and baseball were/are being manipulated by some benevolent higher power (no offense to any atheists).

ish said...

8, 3 for performance, 2 for "weight clauses". heh. No showing up too fat to spring training this year.

ish said...

GMs vote 25-5, recommend instant replay for boundary calls.

Zenslinger said...

I read on SI about the confirmed $8m base + possible $5m incentives for Schill. Well done.

But it mentioned "weight" clauses. That doesn't mean what it sounds like, does it? Even I could stay off the cupcakes before reporting for spring training if each one cost me $50,000 in salary.

s1c said...

If you read the post at 38 pitches you will see that Schilling inserted that clause. All of these appear to be reachable (except for IP's since we have no breakdown). Good job by Theo and lets get our other two FA's, Mike and A-rod!!!!

nick said...

@s1c: I'm sure you've covered this elsewhere, but are you suggesting Lowell at 3rd and A-rod back to short?

Zenslinger said...

Also, he can get even one Cy Young vote, he gets a million bucks? You'd think that would open up some conflict-of-interest issues!

Extra Bases mini-interview with Theo says that the weigh-ins would be very difficult for him the make. Are we going to get an update every time whether or not he made his $300k? Kind of weird, but I guess it's one way of guaranteeing he's in shape. But as Curt says, I don't know that weight and being in shape correlate exactly.

chris said...

This is working out great so far. Great job on both parties.

s1c said...

@s1c: I'm sure you've covered this elsewhere, but are you suggesting Lowell at 3rd and A-rod back to short?

You betcha buddy, I have said repeatedly that the best ss on the MFY's was playing 3b. Put A-rod back at short and imagine this line up.

F*** Yeah
Gold glove Youk

The only easy out is that pesky Tek!

Zenslinger said...

Thing I dislike about Lowell at 3B and A-Rod at short, besides A-Rod himself, is that not only does A-Rod cost an unprecedented amount of money for too many years, but we would also have to pay at least some of Lugo's salary to get another team to take him. Between the Lugo factor and the luxury tax, A-Rod costs are untenable in combination with a Lowell re-signing.

It could work with signing A-Rod instead of Lowell. Just barely, maybe -- if we were desperate to have him. We shouldn't be.

s1c said...

The globe has up an interview with Theo.

They als have the breakdowns on his innings clause:

NOTE: Schilling's inning pitched clause starts at 130 innings and goes in 10-inning increments up to 200 innings. He makes $375,000 per increment.

Also, Schilling weigh-ins will be very difficult to make. He would have to really be in outstanding shape to make all six weigh-ins and earn the $2 million extra according to a source familiar with the contract.

So if he makes it to 200 he is in the money.

chris said...

Also, it's been a long time since A-Rod played short, and he is much older. No question his talent was wasted initially at 3b, but not anymore. Plus the 40 mill per year and clubhouse cancer = i do not want a-rod

Colin said...

Special woot to Youk for the Golden Glove.

9casey said...

Schill from 38 pitches:
Still trying to soak it all in.

People may dislike him for all that he says and does ..but what he has done for this team and the fact he came of the 13 mill guarantted to stay here..i say good for him and even more good for us.....

This story has to move to the top of the blog....:)

nick said...

ignoring money and assholes for a second...that is a pretty great line up.

Whooop! for the Youk!

Amy said...

CHB at his most obnoxious here

He claims the Sox never expected Schilling to accept their offer and really wanted him to go. Yeah, right.

SoSock said...

Pretty exciting news.
I really didn't expect it to happen. I also don't expect the FO to pay any attention to what I expect :)
The 38P's blog is a great piece. I've watched that all year. So unusual, and very cool, to have a player "just chat" with the fans like that. Nice insight.
I think he'll probably end up in the 3 spot, although Tito might start him at 2 on "seniority". Doubt it, tho, probably 3.
I imagine that if spring goes as expected, Buchholz/Lester will be 4. I wonder if one of them might be gone, with Wake 5. Or keep both and move Wake to the pen. I always felt a knucleballer is a great weapon in the pen, but Wake was more than adequate as a starter this year. Then there's that talk of a 6-man rotation.
Sheez!!! How long until Pitchers/Catchers ??
I may not make it.