November 14, 2007

Who Omitted Beckett?

Josh Beckett was not named on two AL Cy Young Award ballots.

Paul at YFSF passes on the info that Mark Feinsand (New York Daily News) and Jorge Ortiz (USA) each listed C.C. Sabathia, John Lackey and Fausto Carmona on their Cy Young ballots.

Kevin Sherrington (Dallas Morning News) was the one writer who did not include Sabathia, putting Beckett, Carmona, and Johan Santana on his ballot.


AL MoY: Eric Wedge, followed by Mike Scioscia, Joe Torre and Terry Francona (3 votes for 2nd place and 4 votes for 3rd place).


s1c said...

To list CC, Fausto and Lackey over Beckett is not that egregious. A lot of the Boston writers felt that Fausto actually had a better season than CC (Tony Massorati for 1), but they did not have Cy Young votes.

CC has more of a gripe since he beat Santana like three times this year in head to head games.

Colin said...

With the Manager Award I can believe Wedge getting it since he really does put a lot of effort into carrying the Indians.

Nevertheless, I smell douchery having Francona so low.

Colin said...

I mean underneath Torre? Come on! Francona had the Sox hold on to the AL East since April while it took Torre a miracle to get the MFY to pull their heads out of their collective ass.

I could be a little biased with that statement...just a little.