December 23, 2007

Fat Billy Makes A Video

In a video posted on his official Web site, Roger Clemens said that he has become "almost numb" to the steroid accusations against him in the Mitchell report and that he has granted an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes" [after Christmas] in an effort to clear his name. ...

"It's amazing to me that I'm going to lengths that I'm going to have to defend myself. ... I faced this last year when the L.A. Times reported that I used steroids. I said it was not true then. Now, the whole world knows it's not true now that that's come out.

"It's surfaced again later now with this Mitchell report. Let me be clear: The answer is no, I did not use steroids, human growth hormone, and I've never done so. I did not provide Brian McNamee with any drugs to inject into my body. Brian McNamee did not inject steroids or human growth hormone into my body, either when I played in Toronto for the Blue Jays, or the New York Yankees. This report is simply not true."
Someone -- Clemens or McNamee -- is lying through his teeth.


Amy said...

I watched this video and noticed that while Clemens denied that McNamee injected steroids or HGH into his body, he did NOT deny that McNamee injected anything into his body. My prediction is that he will ultimately say that he received injections but thought that they were something other than HGH or steroids.

allan said...

CBS says the show will air January 6.

Naturally, TCM can continue to lie on TV, but at least he will be answering questions from an actual person sitting across from him. That's an improvement over his agent reading a piece of paper and making a video.

I wish CBS would run the thing unedited.

tim said...

merry christmas and happy holidays to our hosts allan and laura! have a good'rn eh, and all the best in 2008! another ring perhaps? maybe some Abraxas as well ;-)

Benjamin said...

TCM is vowing to find the real ass injector.