December 31, 2007

Something Else #1 - Happy New Year!

Almost one year ago, I posted about the Rolling Stones' 1972 double album Exile on Main Street.

I've been thinking of posting some musical links every so often (mp3s probably), but I'm going to kick things off -- and say goodbye to 2007 -- with some video of the Stones from their 1972 US tour. (With any luck, this series will last longer than my idea for a '72 Stones blog.)

These two clips were filmed in Texas for the amazing Ladies and Gentlemen concert film:

Tumbling Dice (in which Jagger sings the correct "tasty" first line, something he did for only this tour, I think, before changing it forever to the inferior "crazy")

Chuck Berry's Bye Bye Johnny

Here's a live vocal of Brown Sugar from a 1971 Top of the Pops appearance (not only does the unknown sax player have to mime Bobby Keyes's near-perfect solo, but he has to stand down off the stage).

Finally, Street Fighting Man -- an encore from Madison Square Garden on July 25, 1972. The tour ended the following day -- Jagger's 29th birthday!


And two posts from WFMU's Beware Of The Blog:

In November, the legendary New Jersey radio station held a Rudy Giuliani 9/11 Remix Contest. Some highlights: Tommy McKay's "Rudy Can't Fail To Mention September Eleventh", the TZA's "RudyXXX", Norelpref's "Sept Timbre", the opening of Gary Lambert's "Revolution No. 9/11", and the winner -- Mr. Fab's "Wake Me Up When September 11 Ends".

And some songs from a duo called The Death Killers:
Hardly anything is known about this cassette except that it's rectangular. The Death Killers is a brother/sister duo. A six year old vocalist and lyricist, who also named the band, and her thirteen (?) year old brother providing the music.
The WFMU blog is great -- where else are you going to find album cover art like this?


Check out webcams of New Year's Eve celebrations around the world tonight, including 16 (or maybe 25) different shots from Times Square. (I love how NYC-centric this site is! Not only do you have Times Square, but there's also a downtown shot from the Empire State Building, a shot of midtown looking (they say) north, and a camera in Little Italy.)

No Toronto -- but there is a feed from Niagara Falls.


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Just thought I'd get that out of the way.

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Happy New Year to Joy Nation!

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Happy New Year!!!!!!