January 19, 2008

Library Of Congress Photos On Flickr

The Library of Congress has begun putting thousands of photos on the Flickr website (tags). There are currently about 120 baseball shots, mostly from the early 1910s.

Here are two players from the 1912 World Series:

Red Sox pitcher Smoky Joe Wood

New York Giants outfielder Fred Snodgrass

Snodgrass was forever blamed for the Giants losing the eight-game series to Boston (Game 2 was a tie).

Wood pitched complete game victories in Games 1 and 4. He was shelled after only one inning in Game 7, then came out of the bullpen to get the win in Game 8.


L-girl said...

Very nice! Have you found any pics of The Colossus that we haven't seen before?

redsock said...

No. Nothing turns up in the LoC pix.

There is a team shot of the 1912 Sox in Hot Springs, but that's too early.

redsock said...

There are a few shots of the Red Sox and Highlanders/Yankees playing at Hilltop Park in Washington Heights.

SoSock said...

Jeez, this is just what I needed. Another place on the web to rack up time that should be spent elsewhere. But it's great! I spent about 20 minutes just browsing already this morning, and will do more after my bagel shop round table. :)
I especially love seeing the old park constructions. I've already spotted an old Bull Durham sign in an outfield, a house up against an outfield fence with windows just waiting to be knocked out, and a guy named Stanage whose swing would be considered a season-long project to fix if it showed up in one of my little leaguers.

gojohn said...

Great pics