October 8, 2008

Matsuzaka To Open ALCS

UPDATE: Tampa Bay's starters!

After some deliberation, Terry Francona has announced his starting pitchers for the ALCS.

G1 1010 - Matsuzaka / Shields
G2 1011 - Beckett / Kazmir
G3 1013 - Garza / Lester
G4 1014 - Sonnanstine / Wakefield
G5 1016 - Shields / Matsuzaka
G6 1018 - Beckett / Kazmir
G7 1019 - Lester / Garza
The Red Sox will continue their infield shuffle, while Tampa Bay's roster choices could go down to the wire.


tcp said...

I think this works out best because it lets Lester pitch at Fenway (where he has been brilliant this year) and it also allows Lester to pitch Game 7 if it is needed, and it gives Beckett an extra day of rest to recover from his oblique injury.


redsock said...

And the pen will be well-rested for Dice on Friday. And there is the extra off-day before he goes again in G5.

ish said...

My name is Ish, and I approve of this rotation.

redsock said...

FKR starters have been announced

Zenslinger said...

I am cool with it as well.

L-girl said...

Bring it!

ish said...

Nice thing about that off-day between 4 and 5... Lester could go in Game 6 if needed, on regular rest.

phil said...

I'd rather have Lester be mostly guaranteed two meaningful starts (games 1 and 5) than only one, but there are rest issues.

Jere said...

I'm a Phil man in this conversation. Just would rather see Lester go more than once before game 7, though I understand they don't wanna fuck everybody else up.

Patrick said...

AHA! I thought as I clicked: RED SOX in 6, and cast my vote. Surely I alone am so optimistic and so wise and faithful. But then I saw about 60% of people thought the same thing. Pretty awesome, actually.

I like this rotation. I hear the beef about Lester pitching less but I have faith in Josh Beckett. I really like how our rotation is set-up, and I PRAY that Matsuzaka doesn't cause all of RSN to pull out their hairs in frustration.

I will be back in New England next Tuesday night and will hopefully get to watch/listen to some of this intense series. Hell yeah!

Pepe Lepew said...

Yayyy! Wakefield gets a start!

andy said...

God I hope we see Timlin in this series.

ish said...

Beckett getting more innings under his belt: good.

As for watching Dice-K, you've got to kinda sit back a little bit. You have to know he's going to walk guys and for the most part he's going to get out of it. When he pitches, you have to try your hardest not to live and die with each pitch.

LJCohen said...

Timlin? God, I hope not.

9casey said...

To bad Drew couldn't play first . I think that would give us our best lineup....

Ellsbury RF
Pedroia 2b
Papi DH
Youk 3b
Drew 1b
Bay LF
Lowrie SS
Tek C
Crisp CF

I just think you will get more out of Crisp than either Kotsay or Cora..

It won't happen , just a thought...

andy said...

I think Drew could play 1st. Kotsay can do it and his outfield skills paid the bills baby.

andy said...

If Timlin gets in that means we are up by 5+ runs. That is a good thing.

FenFan said...

Good to see Wake get another chance for a post-season start - in front of the Fenway faithful.

Bring it!

ish said...

I wouldn't ask a guy who hasn't played first base all season (let alone his career) to begin playing first base in the American League Championship Series. It's a good idea, but the playoffs aren't for learning new things.

Zenslinger said...

I am really digging the days off. The obligation to drink and watch the whole game and get worked up is kind of like a third job. And I'm on the freakin' West Coast!

L-girl said...

I feel that way about baseball in general sometimes. It's like a full-time job. I'm enjoying the downtime too.

LJCohen said...

Ahhh, OK Andy--now I see why you would like to see Timlin. LOL.

s1c said...

Sox in 7, because well, Red Sox record in Francona era -

Games 1-3 - 1-5
Games 4-7 - 7-1

They always go seven!

Actually I like the rotation -

Daisuke 9-0 in 13 starts on the road with a 2.37 era this year which includes 2 starts in TB with 2 earned runs.

Beckett was 7-5 on the road with 2.85 ERA. This includes two starts in TB allowing only 2 earned runs.

Throw in Lester's 13-1 record at Fenway and Terry with his talk of rest etc has done a sleight of hand.

Looking forward to this baby, yeah boy!