December 3, 2009

Aw Jeez

So I totally missed the nomination phase for the 2009 Canadian Blog Awards -- plus no one nominated me -- so I am not on the Sports ballot.

It turns out that all the while I was thinking of posting a short note telling people that while the season is over and you will probably not visit the site as often, don't forget to check in for the CBAs, the actual nomination process was slowly ticking away.

L says these awards are nothing to get emotional in any way about and she's right, but still.



accudart said...

Your looking at it all wrong. You've won two of the past three years and placed second in between. You did your best work this year so why bother with formality and just claim victory!!

redsock said...

You did your best work this year

I'm sure that's not true, but if I can get someone to photoshop a 9 over the 8 in "2008", I can go with that "new" award logo. ... Even before the actual voting ends.

L-girl said...

The important takeaway from this post: L is right.

nick said...

I thought that was the subtext of every post.

I know where your coming from, but this is definitely one of the top two Canadian blogs I read!

How about a logo for being voted #1 by followers of this blog?

Ish said...

How could you? Now our little sewing circle isn't properly validated! ;)

L-girl said...

I thought that was the subtext of every post.

D'oh! How could I forget!

[Thanks for the lolz.]