February 3, 2010

Not Much Guessing About Roster

The 25-man roster for 2010 is -- barring injury -- pretty much set.

The only big question marks are the final two spots in the bullpen. Daniel Barbarisi (ProJo) and Peter Abraham (Globe) take a look at the candidates.

And the Truck leaves a week from Friday.
Also: Shitty news at Chez L-sock.


westcoastsox said...

So sorry about Cody.

FenFan said...

Sorry to hear about Cody. As any loving pet owner will tell you, you cannot feel more helpless when you get news like this. Best of luck to you and L-girl.

Zenslinger said...

I'm also sorry for you guys. Although we sometimes have to make life-and-death decisions for our parents or elders, it's relatively unusual that the decision be directly in our hands. For pets, it seems to be this way more often than not, and it's just very difficult. Financial aspects, unfortunately, sometimes play a part, too.

As for the bullpen, I'm not concerned. Many good options.

SoSock said...

My thoughts are with you guys. I left a message on wmtc. That's very tough, and as Zen said, it seems so much more like it's in our hands with pets. Makes for a tough call and almost inevitable second-guessing. I'm sure you and L will do exactly the right thing at the right time. Just trust yourselves.
And I still think we need 1 more good bat

L-girl said...

Thanks guys. It sucks.

Fortunately she has no symptoms yet. Every day like that is a gift.

Lex said...

Hey Allan,

This is my annual pre-season/off-season post. I've been reading the Big Bam. Great book. Once the author hits 1918, I turned to your book. You also are a great writer. I'm really enjoying it.

BTW, thought you might like to weigh in on the topic of the day:


Go Sox!

redsock said...

Once the author hits 1918, I turned to your book.

So did Montville, actually! TBB is a superb book. Also very nice to hear you are liking 1918.

Zenslinger said...

Living in San Francisco as I do, there has been a lot of talk about Lincecum's contract situation. Cliff Corcoran's article on singing young aces does an excellent job of comparing them all and showing how the Verlander and King Felix signings have affected Lincecum's situation.

Jon Lester gets some mention, of course. Seeing how Hernandez got 5/78 and Verlander 5/80, it now seems even more incredible that we were able to lock up Lester for 5/30. And I imagine that, come 2014, we will be much more than happy to pick up his $13m option.

While we're enjoying Lester's performances for a mere $3.75 this year, everyone say it...

"Thanks, Theo!"

9casey said...

Zenslinger said...

While we're enjoying Lester's performances for a mere $3.75 this year, everyone say it...

"Thanks, Theo!"


Thank you , Jon Lester

and come 2014 if not much sooner Jon Lester will be the best left handed pitcher in baseball.....and if thats the case , Theo better have the money truck backed up to his locker.