February 17, 2010

NY Post Fitting Bot For Pinstripes; Dice Has Sore Back

Daniel Bard, February 15:
If you want to be the best reliever you can be, ultimately that probably ends up being the closer. ... That's my goal. I don't know if it'll happen here or somewhere else, two, three, five years down the road.
Maybe you can't understand the subtle implications in that quote, but someone at the New York Post sure can:
Jonathan Papelbon may be closing for the Yankees sooner than you think.
(Yes, my eyes are rolling.)

Bot Q&A from yesterday here:
I think that's the perception, that I'm going to go somewhere else, but it's all a perception. ... Of course I'd love to stay here for 15 years. Right now one year at a time is the way it's working, and I'm happy and everyone else is happy, so why not?
Daisuke Matsuzaka left the Red Sox's minor league complex yesterday with a sore mid-upper back. He told a group Japanese reporters about the injury.

Theo Epstein called it a "really mild strain" and did not think it would affect Matsuzaka's spring at all:
We're two months away from when we'll need his rotation spot anyway, so we'll just slow it down, let our doctors look at him, not make something we think is really small into something big.


the bus driver said...

The MFY landing Bot wouldn't be that bad for the Sox (even though it's a long shot IMO)... we know him a lot, his tendencies, etc... plus, for now, he's a one-dimensional pitcher, and i'm not too confident in the fact that he's going to change his mentality and go with the slider a bit more. I think he's too cocky with his fastball!

If that's the type of guy they want to replace fruit bat as their future closer, then I think they're wrong. Then again, it's just tabloid speculation!

Schruender said...

Ahh the Theo and Dice-K communication lines are already closing in year two. For the more casual fans, you have to love the soap operas and reality shows this team can fit in on top of being the leading sports story in town.

Edward Lee said...

Jonathan Papelbon may be closing for the Yankees sooner than you think.

If he insists on throwing that alleged two-seam fastball instead of the four-seamer and split, that's fine by me!

tim said...


Not sure if you've been watching the olympics at all, but they've got Buffy heading up the play-by-play for all of the mountain events - horrible!

Even worse, did you hear that Rogers canned him from doing Jays telecasts?

And his replacement....well, lets just say that we'll be hearing about our DH David OR-tiz 19 times per year.

Fuck Buck.