November 24, 2010

NYY To Jeter: This Is The Meal

While paying for dinner at a diner in Jersey tonight, I saw the Daily News at the cash register!

Mike Lupica, Daily News:
This is the way the Yankees want the conversation about Derek Jeter to go: They have arrived at what they think is a fair contract for Jeter and if he doesn't accept it, he's being greedy and unreasonable and unrealistic and should go test the market. That is what Brian Cashman said Tuesday. What he is really saying to Jeter about the Yankees' offer to him - $45 million for three years - is take it or leave it. ...

Jeter's agent, Casey Close, told me Saturday night that he finds the Yankees' negotiating strategy "baffling." ... [I]n the thin-skinned world of the Yankees, they acted as if Close were Larry Lucchino of the Red Sox calling them the "Evil Empire" all over again.

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mattymatty said...

Jeter looks ridiculous in a Red Sox uniform. I wouldn't mind seeing Theo go after Mariano Rivera though.