January 23, 2012

Red Sox Sign Cody Ross

Outfielder Cody Ross has agreed to a one-year contract (at about $3 million) with the Red Sox.

Ross, 31, hit .240/.325/.405 (105 OPS+) for the Giants in 2011. In his career, he has a .912 OPS against lefties (.282/.349/.563).

However, his slash stats for the last three years show a huge drop in power:
       AVG   OBP   SLG   OPS
2009  .284  .347  .612  .959
2010  .287  .340  .543  .883
2011  .234  .336  .362  .698
Ross has played all three outfield positions for the past two seasons. Games played:
       LF   CF   RF
2010   23   89   54
2011   83   22   35
From an optimist's point of view, a bench with Ross, Nick Punto, and Mike Aviles has a lot of versatility.


nick said...

and nuts if we aren't an optimistic bunch 'round here.

allan said...

So true.

Ross 2011 batted balls from SF overlaid on Fenway Park. Not the worst thing I have seen.

allan said...


SoSHer DeJesus Built My Hotrod:
"[Ross will] win over the dirt-dog fanbase. ... [H]e is likely to be well regarded by Boston fans who like hustling country boys who smile while playing the game the right way. Unfortunately, that is an entirely different thing than being a good ballplayer."

Still, moving from a pitcher's park to a hitter's park and being saved for lefties by a platoon-understanding manager will make this a good signing.

9casey said...

Yeah , take that AL East, we got Cody Ross!!!

Being a bald man i get a goattee, but this cat sports a version of a reverse mullet , to each his own...

Jim said...

Speaking of dirt dogs, McAdam calls Nick Punto an "offensive sinkhole". (fd-if he's at short regularly). Still, classy name-calling, would have brought the dueling pistols out in the old days.

laura k said...

Name-calling bad. Offensive sinkhole worse.

allan said...

Well, it is not as bad as the CHB (on the radio in January 2003) calling David Ortiz "a giant sack of shit".

(Actually, he said "giant sack of you-know-what", but that is because he was on the radio.)

allan said...

Tigers ink Fielder for 9/214.

Good God.

Tom DePlonty said...

Good God.

My reaction exactly when my Tigers fan cousin posted the news on FB yesterday afternoon. He was over the moon. I asked him if he thought he'd still feel the same way six or seven years from now. Fielder has been really reliable so far, but he doesn't exactly look like the picture of health.