March 9, 2012

Everybody Loves A Contest #10

Opening Day is less than four weeks away, so it's time for this year's Red Sox W-L Contest!

Correctly guess the team's 2012 regular season record and win a copy of Fenway Park: A Salute to the Coolest, Cruelest, Longest-Running Major League Baseball Stadium in America, a stunningly beautiful coffee-table-sized book by John Powers and Ron Driscoll.* (Thanks to Running Press for providing a copy.)

Entries must be emailed to me and include the following three items:

1. Predicted W-L record
2. Tiebreaker A: Daisuke Matsuzaka's Innings Pitched
3. Tiebreaker B: Carl Crawford's On-Base Percentage

Tiebreakers will be the closest guess, either over or under. If there is a tie after (A), we'll go to (B).

Deadline: Thursday, April 5, 12:01 AM.

*And (for what it's worth, since I'm assuming that some year a contestant will actually take me up on this) I'm repeating the grand [sic] prize! The 2012 winner is invited to watch a 2013 Red Sox game+ at JoS Headquarters. Game night will include - free! - dinner and drinks, copious canine attention, and overnight accommodations. If you are within shouting distance of Toronto, let me know. [+: Monday-Thursday only]


Pokerwolf said...




laura k said...

Folks, this book is bee-yoo-tee-ful. It's the best contest prize yet.

PS: Don't forget to read the instructions.

Zenslinger said...

I am going with:

93 wins
88 IP
.365 OBP

Pokerwolf, how's he going to get 180IP in?

Jere said...

Allow me to expound upon Laura's comment:

"Entries must be emailed to me"

9casey said...

Email peeps

Zenslinger said...

I e-mailed 'em. But it's worth discussion -- again, I think our wins will be held down not so much by having a mediocre team but rather by the competition. Dice-K will have a significant role, I think, but I don't dare hope for 100 IP. Crawford must have a decent season.

Jere said...

Still! Still! I like to go in fresh!

Lord Lynch said...

Anyone gone as low as 82 wins yet?


Lord Lynch of Curmudgeonshire

lougorman'slunch said...

90-72, 40IP, 391 OBP