March 1, 2012

Varitek: Catch With Pride

Update: If you missed his six-minute announcement, click here.

Note: NESN, the Globe, and will broadcast the press conference.

WEEI's Arielle Aronson counts down Jason Varitek’s 10 most memorable moments as a Red Sox:
10. The Trade – July 31, 1997
9. The broken elbow – June 7, 2001
8. The Triple – Oct. 24, 2004
7. The suicide squeeze – Oct. 6, 2008
6. The plate block – Oct. 4, 2003
5. The home run – Oct. 18, 2008
4. The Captain – Dec. 24, 2004
3. The World Series – 2004 and 2007
2. The no-hitters – 2001, 2002, 2007 and 2008
1. The fight – July 24, 2004
Over The Monster's lone1c also has 10 moments:
(10) Catching 16 innings of a six-hour game against the Rays—at age 39
(9) His grand slam against the Yankees in April 2009 in the ridiculous Beckett-Burnett slugfest
(8) The botched suicide squeeze in the 2008 ALDS
(7) Taking part in the four-homers-in-a-row fest against the Yankees
(6-3) No-hitters for Nomo, Lowe, Buchholz, and Lester
(2) 2004 ALCS heroics
(1) Varitek slugs A-Rod
OTM's other Cactusalia:
Toting 'Tek for Wreck - Jason Varitek and Two of the Greatest Boston Red Sox Teams of All Time (Mattsullivan)
A Jason Varitek Memory (Cee Angi)
Jason Varitek, Advanced Catcher Defense, And Real Defensive Value (Marc Normandin)
Michael Silverman (Herald) has some quotes from Bronson Arroyo and David Ortiz about the Fight.

Red, Surviving Grady: Today, We Are All Hulking Catchers With Squeaky-Ass Voices.

Chip Buck, Firebrand of the AL: Saying Good Bye To Tek.

Chad Finn (Globe) notes that in addition to catching four no-hitters, Varitek was behind the plate for seven one-hitters.

Orioles GM Dan Duquette, who robbed Seattle of both Derek Lowe and Varitek way back in 1997, offers his thoughts. ... Several of Varitek's teammates say nice things. ... Jarrod Saltalamacchia says Varitek inscribed a jersey for him: "Catch with pride".


Amy said...

Thanks for collecting all this, Allan. It means a lot to me to read all these kind thoughts about Tek. Call him Cactus, mock him all you want---but the guy had a lot of heart, integrity and determination. I may be the only JOSer who will miss him, but so be it.

laura k said...

I'm pretty sure Cactus is a term of endearment. I know the nickname didn't start out that way, but no one is mocking him now. Everyone here on JoS and in Allan's links acknowledges what he meant to the club.

allan said...

Totally not mocking him. I watched the entire speech and Q&A and was impressed. After 14+ years of Tek, and a few more than that of Wake, it is really the end of an era.

Time flies by - this is Old Man Ortiz's 10th year with the Sox.

Amy said...

Thanks for changing the comment format. This is better!

I found it so painful to watch him speak. My heart was breaking for him. To be only 40 and feel that the best part of your life is over must be devastating. For a guy who showed almost no affection most of the time, to watch him unable to control his emotions was torturous. He was much better when Remy and TC interviewed him.

I wasn't suggesting that there was no affection for Tek on JOS; I just was saying I know that I may have been the last one who saw him through rose-colored glasses, still saw him as the player he had been in 2004 and for some time before and after.

I have a great admiration for catchers and what they do, and I will always believe that what Tek did in calling games, something that was often considered bogus by some here, was just as important in his later years and outweighed his declining bat and arm.

OTOH, I am looking forward to figuring out whether my next love will be Salty or Lavarnway (sp?). Or maybe I just will go crazy and love Pedroia best despite the fact that he doesn't wear a mask and chest protector.

laura k said...

Hmm, let's see, 40 years old, retired, financially set for life, two championship rings, forever beloved by fans... Poignant maybe, touching and a little bittersweet, but that's all I got, no heartbreak in sight! ;)

allan said...

What they’re saying about (and to) Jason Varitek