August 18, 2012

NYDN: Shoppach Wrote Message To Ownership, Not Gonzalez

Andy Martino and Roger Rubin, Daily News:
Boston Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez was not the author of the now-infamous text message to Boston ownership complaining about manager Bobby Valentine, although it was sent from his cell phone, major league sources told the Daily News.

Those sources also said new Mets catcher Kelly Shoppach was deeply involved in writing the message that touched off the latest Sox drama, but Shoppach would not confirm that charge.

A small group of players that has been unhappy with Valentine this season — a group that included Shoppach, according to a source familiar with the circumstances — was complaining about the manager in late July and engaged Gonzalez in the conversation. A member of the group suggested that the only way to bring about action would be to voice their problems to ownership. Gonzalez was tired of hearing the constant grumbling and agreed with them that a message from him — the team's highest-paid player — would get management's attention.

Several sources say Gonzalez had nothing to do with the message's content ... "The text message was not his idea or his opinion . . . or his words," one said. Those were from the small group of players that included Shoppach.

Asked about the authoring of the text message following Saturday's game at Yankee Stadium, Gonzalez said, "I know why you're asking, but we're not going to talk about that anymore."

On Saturday at Nationals Park, Shoppach denied any involvement in sending the text message, insisting, "I don't know what you're talking about." But on Tuesday when the Yahoo! report was published, Shoppach was asked about it and said of the Red Sox organization, "Let me be very careful. I think, and maybe this is as far as I'll go with it, too, there is a disconnect in communication between the players through the upper management."


Jared said...

A smear campaign following Kelly Shoppach's departure? This has to be a new low.

allan said...


"@rich_levine: The owners should have known something was up when the end of Adrian Gonzalez's text read: "P.S. Please trade Salty and Lavarnway.""

Kathryn said...


I think all we can do now is laugh.

laura k said...

The owners should have known something was up when the end of Adrian Gonzalez's text read: "P.S. Please trade Salty and Lavarnway."


allan said...

Edes describes the atmosphere in the Red Sox clubhouse: "Anger, frustration, disappointment with performance and a real level of exhaustion with the amount of white noise that has surrounded this team with all the chaos that has gone on off the field."

Edes also describes the lack of clarity as to who is running the Red Sox on a day-to-day basis, and says the "uncertainty in the lines of command have contributed to the sense of chaos" and contributed to the frustration in the clubhouse.