August 31, 2012

We Are All Wild Bill Hagy Now

Tonight, Saturday and Sunday: Orioles at Yankees
NYY  75  55  ---
BAL  72  58  3.0
The Orioles have allowed 44 more runs than they have scored (548-592). You would expect a team with those numbers to have a 60-70 record. Baltimore is 12 games better than that.

One reason is their astounding record in close games. The Orioles are 24-6 (.800) in one-run games and 22-12 (.647) in two-run games. Combined: 46-18, .719. (They are also 56-0 when leading after seven innings; Boston is 53-7.)

Only three teams in modern baseball history have won at least 70% of their games decided by one or two runs: the 1906 Chicago Cubs, 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates, and the 1954 Cleveland team.



9casey said...

It seems as though over his career Buck Showalter gets put down more than he is on a pedestal among managers.

If he is not the AL manager of the year, that would be a travesty.

He has built some decent programs, and changed the culture in Baltimore in a very short time.

allan said...

Orioles win 6-1.