March 26, 2013

SB Nation: Will This Be The First Time In 20 Years Both The Red Sox And Yankees Miss The Playoffs?

Rob Neyer and Grant Bisbee, the two-headed monster that heads SBNation's main baseball page, take a few minutes to discuss the state of the AL East. Which is great, except that they seem to have forgotten to say anything about the Red Sox.

Anyway, here are their picks - after they stopped chuckling about New York trading for Vernon Wells - for what things will look like on October 1:
Neyer       Brisbee
Jays        Jays
Rays        Yankees
Red Sox     Rays
Orioles     Red Sox
Yankees     Orioles
Note: Neyer did write earlier in the roundtable that "I think the Yankees will finish third and the Red Sox fourth, with both indeed MIA in October", but he seems to have changed his mind about where the two teams will finish by the end of the discussion.


tim said...

the fact that the angels are paying vernon wells 28 MILLION DOLLARS to play for the YANKEES...yeh, fuck them guys.

tim said...

The man has an interesting definition of success.

So a WHIP over 2 is good and makes him "pretty happy" about where his stuff is?

Looks like I'll be making plans for the afternoon of April 6th...

laura k said...

If they're right, living here in the Toronto area will become highly annoying!

Zenslinger said...

The Angels are paying $28m of the $42 owed to Wells over the next two years...still $7m a year!