March 25, 2013

Schadenfreude 153 (A Continuing Series)

I'm not sure which news item causes more schadenfreude: the Yankees losing Derek Jeter to begin the season or the team adding Vernon Wells to its roster.

Opening Day against the Jeter-less (and Granderson-less, Teixeira-less, A-Rod-less) Yankees is one week away. If you would like to join the game threads, the board is here.

You can also sponsor a month of ad-free game-threading for $7. There is no pressure, however, and this is not a plea for funds. The board will have no ads regardless. I'll apply any and all donations towards the various months of the season, meaning that none of the $ will line my empty pockets.

If you have not entered the W-L contest, click here. I hope to offer a super-duper 2004-related prize, but if that doesn't work out, the prize will be a copy of Ron Kaplan's "501 Baseball Books Fans Must Read Before They Die" (University of Nebraska Press), which I will be reviewing soon.


FenFan said...

For someone who received a seven year, $126 million contract in 2008, you would think that he would have a better OPS than .788. Career OPS+ is a pedestrian 106; with LAA, it's 86. Ouch!

allan said...

I should also note that if you have already entered the contest, but want to change your entry in any way, you can. Just do it before April 1.

laura k said...

"Will Derek Jeter ever play shortstop again?"

Smart NYY fans everywhere are hoping the answer is NO!

laura k said...

Also: Vernon Wells!!! Ha haha hahaha hahahahahahahha etc.

Zenslinger said...

I am surprised his career OPS is that high.