June 13, 2013

Ellsbury Ties Red Sox Record For Stolen Bases in Consecutive Games (Update: No, He Didn't)

Update: Ellsbury stole second base in the 10th inning - his 30th of the year - to set a new Red Sox record! Tris Speaker stole a base in eight straight games in 1913 - which I believe is the Red Sox team record - so Ellsbury has a few games to go.

Most Consecutive Games With At Least One Stolen Base By Red Sox Player (1916-2013)
Harry Hooper     5 games   May 30-June 4, 1918    5 SB   x CS
Nemo Leibold     5 games   August 4-9, 1921       5 SB   0 CS
Ben Chapman      5 games   June 17-20, 1937       5 SB   1 CS
Tommy Harper     5 games   June 1-8, 1974         5 SB   0 CS
Jacoby Ellsbury  5 games   June 13-18, 2009       6 SB   0 CS
Jacoby Ellsbury  5 games   June 8-12, 2013        8 SB   0 CS
Ellsbury will have a chance to set a new franchise record tonight in Baltimore.


9casey said...

We have been saying it for years on this blog. Don Orsillo called LBJ a game changer last night. He truly is an exciting player. I still would be surprised if he was a Red Sock next year.

laura k said...

I agree, and I wish he would SHAVE.

allan said...

We're looking to Orsillo for baseball insight, now? :>)

allan said...

Caught stealing in the 7th.

allan said...

Stole 2B in the 10th!!!
6 straight games