June 23, 2013

G78: Tigers 7, Red Sox 5

Red Sox - 021 100 001 - 5 12  3
Tigers  - 210 000 13x - 7  8  0
Felix Doubront / Justin Verlander
Ellsbury, CF
Victorino, RF
Pedroia, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Napoli, 1B
Gomes, LF
Drew, SS
Lavarnway, C
Iglesias, 3B


9casey said...

Why does it feel like Pedey could have 100 rbi's at this point in the season.

allan said...

Because he is #2 in MLB in runners on base when he bats. He has come to the plate with 251 runners on base. Only Prince Fielder (257) has more. (Napoli is #8, btw.)

9casey said...

The Blue Jays might have found their groove.

allan said...


9casey said...

A couple tweets after that one. He dogged out the Bruins. One day that guys heart is going to burst due to negativity.

allan said...

Negativity is all that is keeping him going. He's far more likely to drop dead if Boston teams keep winning.

hrstrat57 said...

I ignore.....

laura k said...

DNFTT!! Especially if their initials are CHB.

Tom DePlonty said...

CHB is just mad because the Sox have made it through this stretch of schedule and are still 2 GA.

I found this series weirdly encouraging. It could easily have gone 2-2 (Bailey saves the first game) or even 3-1 in our favor (maybe if the Nava catch was called correctly). I think we're probably going to end up in a playoff series with Detroit, and they did not blow us off the field - we can definitely beat them.

Maxwell Horse said...

I agree with Tom in that it could be argued the Sox were close to winning this series. Just one change might've done it: Farrell needs to stop putting Bailey into 1-run-lead situations.