June 30, 2013

Schadenfreude 160 (A Continuing Series)

George A. King III, Post:

As this Yankees season quickly evolves into an embarrassment, The Post is the first to present the Tragic Number.

Any combination of Red Sox wins and Yankees losses totaling 76 will eliminate the Dead Bat Society from the AL East race.
Mark Feinsand, Daily News:
Two fans sitting behind the plate Saturday night were wearing Steve Balboni and Butch Wynegar t-shirts, an homage to the last dark, postseason-less period of Yankees baseball.

Had Balboni and Wynegar actually been there themselves, the Yankees might have put them in the lineup. ...

Phelps had his worst outing of the season, giving up nine runs - all earned - on nine hits and two walks in 2.1 innings. ...

The Bombers have lost five of their last six, 12 of their last 17 and 20 of their last 32. They have scored three runs or fewer 19 times in that 32-game stretch.
Ken Davidoff, Post:
How low can they go?

Could the 2013 Yankees be an 80-win team? A 75-win team? Even worse?

Undoubtedly, they could be a last-place team. ...

This is a mediocre baseball team, now having lost four straight games and 20 of 32, that has overachieved thanks to a strong bullpen and good luck and is not well positioned to accomplish much of impact in the trade market.

And from Saturday morning:

Ken Davidoff, Post:
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. In case you thought the Yankees could fake their way through more of their demanding schedule than they already have, we present [Friday] night at Camden Yards.

Their ace on the mound. A makeshift starting pitcher going for the other guys. An early lead and a no-hitter through five innings.

Nope, still not enough. In about two blinks, CC Sabathia's run at history turned into one of the worst losses of this fighting-for-its-life Yankees season. ...

One game, one more sign. This sign read: These guys simply aren't very good.


Zenslinger said...

Nice schadenfreude. But I'm on the fence about who to root for tonight (Sunday). Aren't the Orioles the bigger threat through the season? Or is it best just to hope the Yanks completely bite it?

The eternal question.

laura k said...

Luckily the answer to that eternal question doesn't actually effect anything either way.

I vote for completely bite it. No question there.

allan said...

They could drop into 4th with a loss! 4th!

Zenslinger said...

It's a bit of a question of whether the pleasure of the Yankees biting it is an end in and of itself. Almost like, it would be a consolation if the Yanks finished under .500 even, as a kind of outgrowth of that, Baltimore reduces us to a Wild Card spot rather than winning the division.

laura k said...

a question of whether the pleasure of the Yankees biting it is an end in and of itself.

I believe we all know the answer to this question.

allan said...

Yankees lose, 4-2. Free fallin'....