May 22, 2021


In last Monday's White Sox-Twins game (aka the Yermin-3-0-Dong Game), Yasmani Grandal finished with this AB-R-H-RBI box score line:


Five plate appearances (but he was never "at bat"), no hits, but three runs scored and one run batted in. . . . Thanks to four walks and one sacrifice fly.

It's a rare line, but it's not unprecedented. The 0-3-0-1 Club has five members:

George Uhle, September 24, 1921
Max Bishop, April 29, 1929
Brian Downing, July 30, 1988
Derek Jeter, September 12, 2006
Yasmani Grandal, May 17, 2021

Jayson Stark reports that on May 8, Grandal also had five plate appearances and zero at-bats. In that game, he walked four times and hit a sacrifice fly for an extremely boring 0-0-0-1 line.

The only other player to to have two games with 5+ PA and 0 AB in the same month was Wally Schang, who did it as a leadoff batter on both September 14 (four walks and one HBP, one run scored) and September 29, 1915 (three walks, one HBP, one sacrifice, two stolen bases, two runs scored) for the Philadelphia Athletics. A few years later, he was the main catcher for the 1918 Red Sox.

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