May 23, 2021

All Eyes Will Be On Eduardo Rodriguez In Philly: Will He Get A Hit?

Eduardo Rodriguez makes his ninth start of the season on Sunday afternoon in Philadelphia, as Boston tries to become the first team to win 30 games. The Red Sox and Padres each have 29 wins.

Rodriguez will also be batting. He is 0-for-20 in his professional career (all in the major leagues). How confident is manager Alex Cora in Rodriguez collecting his first hit?
Not at all.
However, Cora is bending the rules a bit, allowing Rodriguez to wear an earring at the plate, in the slim chance it brings his pitcher good luck.
That's just one of the rules that I have. But for this game, he can actually wear one when he hits. It's a cross. It is similar to Barry (Bonds's). So I'm going to give him a chance to do that to see if he can get a hit. But the chances are very slim.
Xander Bogaerts gives Rodriguez a "1%" chance to get a hit.
Eh, looking a little dark there, you know? . . . I would be really surprised. Eddie's bat speed is not too fast.

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