September 23, 2003

Believe! There are few things better than sipping a cold beer at Fenway Park on a cool September night and watching Manny (and Ortiz and Nixon) crank home runs, as I did Monday night. Unless it's sitting at home on Tuesday night, staring slack-jawed at NESN and laughing as Todd Walker goes deep to tie the game in the bottom of the 9th and David Ortiz pops one into the monster seats in the 10th to win one of the best games of the year! Ortiz's reaction when he hit the ball was priceless; I think he knew the ball was gone before he swung. And the hug-a-thon at the plate was beautiful. A HUGE 6-5 victory. ... And kudos to Dirt Dog for posting both the glorious headlines and the ones he had ready for the (what I believed was the inevitable) 5-2 loss. ... Sweet dreams -- more in the morning.

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jim said...

One of the best Red Sox games ever. Eight years later, and I still remember it like it was yesterday.