October 9, 2003

Either the Yankees win tonight or they go to Boston down 0-2 and facing Pedro Martinez Saturday afternoon. ... Irreconcilable differences: Red Sox/Yankees relationships. ... Kapler's diary.

Tom Boswell: "The baseball world thinks the subtext of the American League Championship Series between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees is the exhausted conceit of 'The Curse of the Bambino.' Please, give it a rest. ... The Boston club, called 'renegades' by their own manager, are doing their own personal remake of 'Animal House' with George Steinbrenner as Dean Wormer. ... You'll note that the Yanks do not show a clip of Derek Jeter, bombed out of his gourd, covering Iggy Pop's 'Lust for Life.' And if they found one, they'd burn every copy. Instead, Jeter is in a credit card commercial, vamping it up about tony Manhattan nightspots with Steinbrenner, while wearing a tuxedo. ... If you think this Boston victory in Game 1 was just an opening salvo, a shot across the bow, an introduction, don't be so sure. It was more like a haymaker to the lips."

Damon: "I'm starting to recollect the fly ball coming down and getting in position to catch the ball and -- poof -- not remembering anything. I do remember waving my hands out to the crowd but at the moment, I actually thought I was walking off the field ... I didn't realize I was on a stretcher. I feel OK. I feel a little weak. ... I'll get another good night's rest like that and be ready to take part in some drills [Thursday]. My vision is clear. ... I had no idea if I caught the ball. I had no idea if we won the game. I thought I remembered Varitek's home run --I do not remember Manny's home run."

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