October 4, 2003

TROT!!! Nixon channels Carbo ... and the Hitless Wonders romp to a 3-1 win in 11 nutty, nerve-wracking innings. Excellent, excellent pitching tonight (the mediots will focus on the lack of hitting, but Boston's supposedly shitty pen carried the team in this one): Lowe was untouchable early, Timlin had three (?!?) perfect innings and Williamson threw heat in the 11th. ... I was strangely calm throughout, overjoyed at 11:19 and confident for tomorrow. ... Burkett and Arroyo can split duty on the hill, the bats can wake up (please!), and the Athletics can worry about another 5-game mishap all the way back to Choakland. ... Sweet, sweet dreams, cool October night baseball dreams.

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