October 21, 2003

Torre Defends Little. That's what the Globe and Herald headlines imply, but his quotes are really just an acknowledgement that a manager's decisons are often difficult. "To have a manager be questioned about leaving the best pitcher in baseball in a ballgame when he's thrown 115, 120 pitches -- it's tough. But, again, that is what our game is all about. Our game is about winning. A lot of people don't necessarily care what the reasons are; it's just the bottom line that makes things happen like that. ... But it's a shame. Leaving Pedro Martinez in the game -- if that's the wrong decision, then that's a tough way to go."

There is NO WAY Torre leaves his starter for that 8th inning pounding with Timlin/Embree/Williamson throwing like a 3-headed Rivera. For anyone to suggest otherwise is an insult to our intelligence. This is simply one manager refusing to badmouth another manager. There is no news here. Torre's actions in pulling Clemens in the 4th speak much louder than this pro forma statement. I'm sure Torre would love it if the Red Sox retained Little, since Grady's gumping of so many games made Torre's job easier.

Boston police will seek a complaint this morning in Roxbury District Court charging Yankees Jeff Nelson and Karim Garcia with misdemeanor assault and battery charges for allegedly attacking a Red Sox grounds crew worker during Game 3 of the ALCS. The players will be summoned for a hearing next month, at which time a clerk magistrate will hear evidence and decide whether to issue charges. [police report]

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