February 2, 2004

Breasts of Mass Destruction-Related Halftime Activities. Latest National Crisis: Janet Jackson's right breast was exposed! Fearless Leader had already passed out, er, gone to bed, but the FCC has launched an investigation. Wow, that's fast; why did it take 14 months for an independent investigation of 9/11? ... Dan Froomkin of the Washington Post looks at the Bush/AWOL charges and will offer more links tomorrow. ... Paul Wolfowitz: More dead Americans = Success in Iraq. ... TPM on the WMD/Intel investigation: here and here. New York Times: "By using an executive order to establish the commission, Mr. Bush will retain greater control over its membership and mission ... [Bush] sidestepped a reporter's question today about whether Americans were owed an explanation before the Nov. 2 elections." ... Question: "Should an advisor to the Pentagon be pocketing a fee for helping to raise money for a terrorist organization?" ... Finally, beware of lollipops that cost $10!

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