February 11, 2004

Everyone Loves A Contest!

Win three* signed copies of my book on the 1918 Red Sox by correctly predicting how many regular season games Boston will win in 2004. In case of a tie, guess Pedro's ERA and (in case of a further tie) Manny's slugging percentage. You have until April 3 to enter. On April 4 (Opening Day), I will post all the entries. ... Send your name and three predictions to: joyofsox@hotmail.com.

* -- For the curious: There were problems printing the original orange cover (which I hated), so it was changed to the red one (which I designed); then last summer, Barnes & Noble chose the book for a big promotional campaign and both the cover and title were revised. The actual content has remained unchanged, except for the correction of two factual errors in the original. (Oh, the books are all the same size!)

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