February 12, 2004

A Squadron Of Postal Handlers. Bush left his Texas Air National Guard assignment and moved to Alabama, even though the Air Force had denied his transfer request, adding that Bush was "ineligible" to move to the unit he wanted: a squadron of postal handlers. ... Also, Bush's August 1972 suspension from flight status (triggered by his failure to take a required annual physical) should have prompted an investigation. ... Several members of the Alabama Air National Guard said they don't remember ever seeing Bush at their Montgomery base.

More on the removal of potentially embarrassing details from Bush's military records, including "mentions in the records of arrests." ... Blogger Calpundit spoke to Bill Burkett (transcription here). ... The Baseball Crank says the "monomaniacal" Calpundit has "gone off the rails" on this story and asks 14 Questions. ... Bush said last Sunday he would open his entire military file to the press, but the White House is now backing away from that promise, although it did release some dental records. ... Is Colin Powell starting to crack?

Finally, the 9/11 Commission will ask Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton and Al Gore to testify in public about possible warnings they might have received from US intelligence sources before the terrorist attacks. Chairman Thomas Kean: "We need them to testify." ... Since Condoleeza Rice was able to dictate the circumstances of her questioning last Saturday -- not under oath and in secret session that will not bemade public -- and Bush told Tim Russert that "I don't testify," I fully expect Kean to backpedal very soon and say there is no need for the current administration to say anything to anyone. (The White House has made no comment about a Bush appearance.)

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