June 11, 2004

Dodgers Debut At Fenway Tonight. Gordon Edes has a long feature on Eric Gagne in today's Globe. The Dodgers closer says he learned how to throw his changeup as a teenager watching Pedro pitch for the Expos. "I would always get there early to see him warm up. I'm a visual guy. I'd look at him, how he was throwing his changeup, how he was holding his changeup. When I started my changeup, I started exactly like Pedro, with the same grip, which I also saw on TV. Because my hand and his hand are totally different, I've adjusted my grip, but the way he throws it -- he turns it over really late -- I do the same thing."

Pokey Reese went 3-for-4 and scored three runs on his 31st birthday. In his first at-bat in the third inning, Reese belted a solo homer into the Monster Seats. "First home run ever on my birthday and my mom was in the stands, so it was extra special." He also played second base for the first time this season.

Terry Francona has an "outline" in mind on how to rotate the middle infielders, "but it's not etched in stone." Pitching matchups and past histories will play a part. Nomar gets tonight off; Pokey moves back to shortstop and Bellhorn is at second.

Schilling discussed his ankle trouble: "I'm concerned because it hasn't gone away. It's been around for four of five weeks." ... Schilling receives a shot of Marcaine, a numbing agent, before each start. The shots kill the pain for about 2½ hours. Last night, they did it a little later than usual, "just to make sure it didn't wear off." ... The pain occurs only when Schilling throws a fastball. "I rotate my foot on the rubber. It's half on and half off. My foot is inverted. The only pitch that I actually drive off the rubber and push off the rubber with is my fastball."

Trot Nixon played for Pawtucket last night, collecting a double and a walk in three appearances. On the double: "From the batter's box to second I thought my leg really responded fairly well. The biggest discomfort I've felt has been on the basepaths, and from the box to second I didn't feel any pain. When I rounded first I tried to turn it up a little bit just so I could get into second without a close play."


Tonight: Odalis Perez (3-3, 3.20) vs. Derek Lowe (5-5, 6.55)
Saturday: Jeff Weaver (3-7, 4.24) vs. Tim Wakefield (4-4, 3.71)
Sunday: Hideo Nomo (3-6, 7.33) vs. Pedro Martinez (6-3, 3.98)

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