June 4, 2004

Summer Home. Edward Cossette's blog "Bambino's Curse" has once again moved to the main page of Fox Sports New England. ... Check out Firebrand's entry on Portland Sea Dog Abe Alvarez. ... Sports Retort stumps for Bellhorn. ... PSF on Pedro. ... Nomar in Toledo. ... Have I mentioned that the 2004 AL MVP has a website?

The Sox had yesterday off, but the Soxaholix never rest (and they seem a little more animated than usual). ... The Orioles laid down again for the Evil Doers, so Boston is 2½ games back in the East. Since sweeping the Yankees and Devil Rays at the end of April, the Red Sox have gone 16-16. That shit's gotta stop. Wakefield and Gobble in Kansas City at 8 pm tonight.

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