June 10, 2004

The Rollercoaster Ride Continues ... Sky high after a stupendous Pedro performance on Tuesday, muttering obscenities to ourselves after an ugly loss last night, and now expecting a solid performance from Schilling (and maybe more than one measly run from the bats) tonight ...

So ESPN broadcasts the Red Sox/Padres game last night (thus making it unavailable on Extra Innings). Padres are up 4-0 in the middle of the 6th inning when the rains come. After a lengthy delay of 2:21, the game resumes. However, the game is nowhere to be seen on ESPN. In fact, ESPN2 is now showing the Reds/A's game -- which is also being shown on one of the Extra Innings channels. ... Note to ESPN: There are these people known as "diehard fans"-- they want to see their team finish playing the game you were showing even after a long rain delay. "Season of the Fan," my ass.

ESPN's Gary Thorne said the entire Red Sox organization has NO idea where BH Kim is -- "He may be in Korea, he may be in the US, they have no idea." Does Thorne know he's just making shit up -- and being exposed as an unprepared idiot by the tens of thousands of fans who actually know which end is up -- and does he (or his employer) care?

As far as Andy Dominique playing first base, I go back and forth. It sounds something like this: Tito should put the best 9 on the field every day; Dominique belongs on the bench (or in Pawtucket). ... But the best 9 cannot play every single day -- are you advocating the Gerbil's 1978-grind-them-into-the-ground approach? ... Alright, but what about McCarty? He would have likely scooped Nomar's throw in the 4th. Or Daubach, if he hadn't been sent to Pawtucket? ... Dominique's last at-bat was on June 1, and if he's going to get some pinch-hitting opportunities during interleague play, he can't be totally rusty. ... And so on ...

One amusing note from the SoSH game thread, after Ramirez singled in the 4th: "Jerry [Remy] reports that Manny tapped Nevin on the back to tell him that Bochy was signaling Nevin not to hold Manny on base." ... Who says Ramirez doesn't pay attention?

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