June 12, 2004

Shades of Ground Zero. "American administrators have lost track of dozens of detainees inside Abu Ghraib ... With no clearinghouse for missing-person reports and technical errors in the intake process, families ... can do little but wait outside the tall prison gates in hopes that someone recognizes the missing men pictured on their photocopied flyers."

Also: "The top US commander in Iraq, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, issued a classified order last November directing military guards to hide a prisoner, later dubbed 'Triple X' by soldiers, from Red Cross inspectors and keep his name off official rosters. The disclosure, by military sources, is the first indication that Sanchez was directly involved in efforts to hide prisoners from the Red Cross." ... Seymour Hersh says he has seen all of the Abu Ghraib pictures. "You haven't begun to see evil ... horrible things done to children of women prisoners, as the cameras run."

Republican Jesus looks a lot like Johnny Damon. ... Leno: "According to the New York Times, last year White House lawyers concluded that President Bush could legally order interrogators to torture and even kill people in the interest of national security - so if that's legal, what the hell are we charging Saddam Hussein with?" ... Little known fact: Bush has a blog.

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