June 3, 2005

G53: Red Sox 6, Orioles 4

It was made possible by a bunt.

Before Mr. David Americo Ortiz brought sweet dreams of October 2004 to June 2005 with a three-run shot to dead center, there was a surprise, first-pitch bunt down the third base line by Edgar Renteria, a brilliant play that caught Melvin Mora off-guard.

I hope the perfectly placed bunt doesn't get muscled out of the storyline for this afternoon victory over the Orioles. Not that Renteria necessarily would have made the final out of the game (which would have meant a 4-3 loss) if he had swung away, but he gave Ortiz the opportunity to swing his club one more time.

Edgar: "When I came to home plate, I saw the third baseman way back. I knew if I put a bunt down, I was gonna be safe. Nobody was expecting it -- that's a great opportunity to do it."

As Tizzle said right emerging from the home plate scrum, still a bit out of breath, Edgar's a good player, "he knows what he needs to do ... I guess he got me in the mood."

Other good news: The Royals swept their three-game series from the Yankees.

The Angels and OC come to town tonight.

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