June 5, 2005

One Of The 25

Orlando Cabrera on his return:
It was a really weird feeling when I was on the plane and the guy said we were almost landing and I saw the city. I got a weird feeling in my stomach. I didn't know it was going to be like that. I've got really good memories here; things I'm never going to forget. ... I miss them. That was my team. I really miss them a lot. That was the hard part to let go. ... The word 'love' -- that's what everybody keeps telling me -- that they love me and everything, which is nice, especially from this town. Because they're tough, they know about baseball. I appreciate that. I love them back.
More OC: "Boston fans are far too kind. I was only here for three months, and they treated me like I was here for 20 years." ... Also here and here.

The Red Sox bullpen ERA is now a league-worst 5.27 (it rose by 56 points yesterday). First batters are hitting .361, while nearly 44% of inherited runners (28-of-64) have scored. Boston relievers have allowed 19 home runs (only Seattle and Kansas City have given up more (21)). Alan Embree has allowed seven homers this year in 24 innings. In his last six appearances, he's given up 10 runs in 4.2 innings, including three bombs (Reed Johnson, Gary Sheffield, Garrett Anderson).

Kevin Millar: "Early on, I was taking a lot of pitches 0-0. Right now I'm just seeing the ball and hitting the ball. The results are there. ... The last four days, I've just been watching a lot of video and just making adjustments at the plate." Both home runs yesterday came on first pitches; his double was hit on a 3-0 count. Millar is 10-for-his-last-29 (.345).

Ron Borges, of NBCSports.com and the Boston Globe, writes that Red Sox fans remain tortured by anxiety, haunted by ghosts at every turn, fearful of failure and enveloped by a sense of doom. ... What a load of crap. You would have thought that the Red Sox winning the World Series would have forced these writers to change their tune. But they blather on regardless, banging the same useless and pointless drum.

After being named the AL Player of the Week for May 23-29, Edgar Renteria has gone 3-for-22 (.136). ... Dustin Pedroia, Portland Sea Dogs second baseman. ... In Houston, Roger Clemens says: "I won't ask to be traded. ... I fought for a long time to come home and play. I didn't think it would be this good."

Art Martone: "Jim Rice played in Boston for 16 seasons. He hit five walkoff home runs during that time. Dwight Evans was here even longer, 19 seasons. He hit four. Since the Red Sox starting keeping of track of such things in 1970, no one ever hit more. Not Mo Vaughn, not Nomar Garciaparra, not Carl Yastrzemski, not Fred Lynn ... no one. And then Big Papi came along."

A story in today's Chicago Sun-Times about the upcoming Red Sox-Cubs series -- the first time the teams have met since the 1918 World Series -- mentions me and my book.

Three guys from "Queer Eye" will throw out today's ceremonial first pitch. The Red Sox episode airs this Tuesday. ... Wade Miller / Jarrod Washburn at 2:00.

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