June 24, 2005

Well, There's A Lot, A Lot Of Culture There

Terry Francona returns to Philadelphia, where he was hated. ... Two articles about Johnny Damon.

Roy Halladay beat Baltimore Thursday night (his 11th victory) as the Blue Jays took three of four games, allowing the idle Red Sox to move within one half-game out of first place. In New York, the Devil Rays won 9-4, also winning three out of four. Tampa Bay is now 8-29 on the road and four those wins have come in the Bronx. In fact, Yankee Stadium is the only ballpark in which the Rays have a winning record this year.
            W   L   PCT  GB
Orioles 42 30 .583 -
Red Sox 41 30 .577 ½
Yankees 37 35 .514 5
Blue Jays 37 36 .507 5½
Devil Rays 26 47 .356 16
In case you were wondering, Yankees blogger Larry Mahnken does not like Tony Womack. Read that post and marvel at the fact that Joe Torre bats this guy #2. He makes Edgar look like Rogers Hornsby. ... And a fellow poster at Larry's blog offers this:
How to build a loser

A) Sign Jaret Wright
B) Sign Carl Pavano
C) Trade three valuable players for one over-the-hill veteran
D) Sign a below average 2B for two years, then make him your LF

Then wonder "what is wrong?"


The nuisance of interleague play finally ends this weekend. Baltimore visits Atlanta and the Yankees host the Mets (Pedro / Mussina tonight).

"Seasons on line"? The small print caption reports that both the Yankees and Mets "are frantically trying to stay in contention in their division races."

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia:
Friday: Tim Wakefield (4.41) / Jon Lieber (4.63), 7:00
Saturday: Matt Clement (3.48) / TBA, 1:20
Sunday: David Wells (4.73) / Brett Myers (2.66), 1:30

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