June 9, 2005

If It's Really Hot In Chicago, Will Millar Take BP In The Nude?

There has been some tension in the clubhouse since May 24, when Mike Barnett (and former Blue Jays hitting coach) was hired to assist hitting coach Ron Jackson. Earlier this week, David Heuschkel quoted one Red Sox player as saying of Barnett, "he's putting the whole team in a slump."

Heuschkel has a follow-up in today's Courant, while Jackson tells the Herald: "We tried to iron out some things, like what his role is, what he wants to do and how we're going to do it. ... We've got different philosophies here and there. If he's got something with a player, come to me. Let's have one voice, not two or three or four or five." (See also the Globe)

With the St. Louis temperature in the mid-90s on Tuesday, Kevin Millar took BP clad in only his shorts. "As soon as I went out there, there was a tour group right behind me of about 20-25 women. They won't forget that tour." ... Francona: "I think I saw a few ladies on the tour throwing up. Nobody should have to endure that ... but I think there are about five coaches who feel a lot better about themselves now." ... At the one-third mark, the AL East remains a "long, unfinished novel." ... Charles Steedman is the man who guards the Trophy.

Every story about Jacoby Ellsbury, the Red Sox's first pick and 23rd overall in Tuesday's amateur draft, compares him to Johnny Damon. I don't follow the draft, but these threads at SoSH should give you lots of info:
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Part II of the Beatwriters Roundtable tomorrow.

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