May 19, 2006

Abe Alvarez Called Up

Abe Alvarez will be in the bullpen this weekend in Philadelphia, as Mike Holtz was put on the disabled list (strained muscle near his left elbow). ... Tonight's lineup:
Nixon, RF
Loretta, 2B
Ortiz, 1B
Ramirez, LF
Varitek, C
Lowell, 3B
Pena, CF
Gonzalez, SS
Clement, P
Nine postions and nine players, just like God intended.


Jack Marshall said...

But God clearly wants Youk in the line-up....

The over-rated Washington Post sports columnist Tom Boswell just repeated the conventional disinformation that the '06 Sox have abandoned their homer-hitting ways of the past for a more "balanced offense." If I hear this crap one more time, I'm running naked into the street with a machete! The Sox dumped NONE of their power hitters (Millar no longer qualifies, with a single digit homer total last season), and added a new one in Willy Mo. As the Globe pointed out today, the Sox offense, homers included, is pretty much the same as '05 to this point. But I keep hearing that the Sox are no longer "bashers." Who starts this kind of stuff, and how the hell do you stop it?

The Couch Potato said...

I think it was the spate of assorted low-scoring, one run games way in the beginning of the season, Jack. Unfortunately, people make one snap-shot observation and carry it merrily along despite evidence to the contrary.

The only thing I can agree with is that the offense has been spectacularly inconsistent at times.

L-girl said...

just like God intended.

!!! And you capitalized its name and everything! You oughta be ashamed. ;-)

redsock said...

I'll say this: Boswell was absolutely sublime during the 2004 playoffs. Some of the best writing during those wonderful days was found in his daily columns. (He's from a family of Sox fans and clearly was relishing Boston's takedown of the MFY.)